Introducing Q&A Spanish

If you’re struggling with your Spanish and need some help, our new weekly Q&A show is just what the doctor ordered! Join teacher and language expert extraordinaire JP Villanueva and native Spanish speaker Nahyeli as they answer listeners’ questions. If you need some help yourself there are lots of ways to get in touch with

Coffee Break French

Season 3 – Lesson 25 – Coffee Break French

This week on Coffee Break French Veronica is feeling a bit down in the dumps: elle a le bourdon ce soir ! She has been doing some thinking about her future and the fact that she is accro au travail – addicted to her work. This episode provides lots of examples of interesting grammar and

Coffee Break French

Season 2 – Lesson 05 – Coffee Break French

In this week’s lesson, Mark and Anna talk about the verb aller, meaning ‘to go’ and introduce the concept of irregular verbs in the context of making arrangements and forming questions. By looking more closely at the grammar behind the French, we hope you will gain a better overall understanding of the language and be