pluperfect tense

Coffee Break French

Season 4 – Episode 32 – Coffee Break French

It’s time for another episode in our series for advanced French learners. In this lesson Mark and Pierre-Benoît are discussing the latest email from Matthieu to Gabrielle. There are many interesting expressions and useful grammar points covered including agreement of preceding direct objects, rien que de + infinitive, en avoir l’eau à la bouche, and

Coffee Break Spanish

Season 3 – Lesson 06 – Coffee Break Spanish

In episode 6 of Coffee Break Spanish Season 3, Mark and Alba discuss their recent visits to Edinburgh and will entertain you with some singing! José introduces two phrases to say that things are in a mess, and language points include the pluperfect tense and using double indirect pronouns, e.g. a mi madre le gusta

Coffee Break French

Season 2 – Lesson 38 – Coffee Break French

In the 38th episode of the course, we continue our radio play featuring David and Christina who are having dinner with their new friends Sophie and Jean-Jacques. This lesson introduces the pluperfect tense and also looks at a few examples of avoir expressions, including avoir l’habitude, avoir besoin de quelque chose and avoir de la