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Newsletter Activity 4 – talking about countries

In this newsletter activity, we would like to test your knowledge of prepositions in French, with a particular focus on how you say “in” or “to” when talking about a country. We’d like to you post a comment telling us about a trip you’ve got planned for this year (if you haven’t managed to book anything yet just make it up!).

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Newsletter Activity 2 – J’en ai marre!

Are you familiar with the expression j’en ai marre? It’s a great colloquial expression which means “I’m fed up” or “I’ve had enough”. You can use it on its own, or add de and say what you’re fed up doing. For example: j’en ai marre de faire la vaisselle j’en ai marre de ma voisine j’en ai marre du téléphone Can you work

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Newsletter Activity 2 – Saying how long you’ve been doing something for

Learners of Spanish often find it difficult to say how long they’ve been doing something for because there’s a change of verb tense from English to Spanish. Consider the sentence: “I’ve been speaking Spanish for three months”. In English we use a past tense: “I have been learning”. However in Spanish we use a present tense and form this sentence in one