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Coffee Break Spanish

Sneak Preview – Coffee Break Spanish Season 4

Join Mark and Carmen in this sneak preview of the forthcoming season of Coffee Break Spanish. Listen to the episode More information There’s more information about our fourth season of Coffee Break Spanish here. Subscribe links Subscribe in iTunes | RSS Feed | Purchase members’ audio and transcripts

Coffee Break French

Lesson 400 – Coffee Break French

Welcome to this brand new season of Coffee Break French, and in this opening introductory episode, Mark and Pierre-Benoît talk about what you can expect in this season. They introduce two of the featured characters in the series, Sylvie and Matthieu, both of whom have recently moved to Paris for work. Like all lessons in

Coffee Break Spanish

Season 3 – Lesson 01 – Coffee Break Spanish

Welcome to this first episode of Coffee Break Spanish Season 3! In this first episode of the series you’ll get to know our two main presenters, Mark and Alba, and you’ll also be meeting José who will help you to take your Spanish al siguiente nivel, “to the next level”. Please note that lesson 1