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Lesson 07 – One Minute Flemish

Following on from last week’s lesson where you learned to introduce yourself and ask other people “what is your name?”, this week you’ll learn to say “it’s nice to meet you”. These audio lessons are available free to download from our site and on iTunes. See the links below to subscribe to the podcast in

Lesson 1 – One Minute Flemish

In this first lesson of One Minute Flemish you’ll learn how to say “hello” and a couple of ways to say “goodbye”. Flemish is one of three official languages in Belgium and is very similar to Dutch. You may also be interested in checking out our One Minute Dutch course. This is the first of

Introducing One Minute Flemish

Along with our new Dutch course, we’re also offering a course in Flemish, the variety of the language spoken in Belgium. It’s one of three official languages of Belgium, and we hope that you enjoy learning with Mark and Kurt. The course begins on Friday 21st October and lasts ten weeks. Listen to the promo