italian perfect tense

Coffee Break Italian

CBI 2.20 | Non ha mai provato la pizza napoletana!

In this lesson you’ll learn to use four very useful adverbs: mai (ever), già (already), appena (just) and ancora (still/yet) to talk about what you’ve just done, what you’ve already done, what you’ve never done and what you’ve not yet done. This very useful lesson builds on what you’ve learned in previous episodes, and it

Coffee Break Italian

CBI 2.18 | A che ora sono arrivati?

So far we’ve been learning how to talk in the past by using the Perfect Tense with avere. In this lesson we’ll be learning about a specific group of verbs which use essere in the Perfect Tense. There’s something in particular we need to remember about these verbs, and all will become clear once you’ve

Coffee Break Italian

CBI 2.17 | Abbiamo visto tutto!

In this episode of Coffee Break Italian, we’re continuing to learn about the Perfect Tense, this time focusing on verbs which have irregular past participles. You’ll learn to form past participles for irregular verbs and you’ll also learn about the groupings of irregular verbs which form their past participles in similar ways. Listen to the