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The CBF Verb Fix 102 – FINIR

In this lesson we’re looking at the verb finir meaning “to finish” or “to end”. Finir is an example of a regular -ir verb. This means that with this lesson not only will you learn to conjugate finir in the present, perfect, imperfect and future tenses, you’ll also learn to conjugate hundreds of other regular

Coffee Break French

Season 2 – Lesson 23 – Coffee Break French

In Lesson 23 we take a further look at the imperfect tense, this time looking at the formation of -re and -ir verbs. We also consider some verbs with slightly different patterns and the only verb with an irregular stem in the imperfect tense: être. Please note that lesson 23 of Season 2 was originally

Coffee Break French

Season 2 – Lesson 14 – Coffee Break French

In this week’s lesson we continue looking at the perfect tense, this time using regular -re and -ir verbs. We also think about the different uses of the perfect tense. Please note that lesson 14 of Season 2 was originally known as lesson 54 of Coffee Break French. We have renumbered the lessons of each