Pilot Episode: Walk, Talk and Learn French

In this pilot episode for the brand new video podcast Walk, Talk and Learn French, presenters Pierre-Benoît and Mark introduce the programme. When you're learning a language, one of the best things you can do is look around you on the signs, posters and notices. However, this isn't always possible, especially if you can'ttravel to

Welcome to Walk, Talk and Learn French

Welcome to Walk, Talk and Learn French from the Radio Lingua Network. This video show presents French grammar like you've never seen it before. Join teacher Pierre-Benoît as he wanders around the streets of Paris talking about the language he sees on posters, adverts and notices. Walk, Talk and Learn French is published in weekly

We’d like your feedback on Show Time Spanish

Lesson 10 marks the end of the first season of Show Time Spanish. We'd really like to hear what you think about the show. A huge amount of time and effort goes into each show – around 15 hours each week! – and we'd really like to hear from you to find out if you

Improve your English with Write Back Soon

Write Back Soon is the new podcast from the Radio Lingua Network which helps learners of English master one tricky aspect of the language: phrasal verbs. In weekly episodes listeners will follow the adventures of Duncan and Lisa who are conducting a long-distance relationship by email. Teacher Gerry will explain the phrasal verbs used and

¡Es hora de pasar al siguiente nivel!

Es hora de pasar al siguiente nivel, de los ensayos al espectáculo. Éste es tu momento: ¡que se abre el telón! This promo for Show Time Spanish introduces Alba, Mark’s cohost. Subscribe now for our free lessons. Members | Purchase | RSS | iTunes link

Coffee Break French

Season 1 – Lesson 37 – Coffee Break French

In this episode, Mark is asking the hotel receptionist for some information. Listen to the dialogue and the breakdown of the conversation in order to learn new vocabulary and constructions as well as using what you already know to work out what they are saying.