Coffee Break Italian

CBI 2.22 | Preparavo la cena quando Luca è arrivato

We’ve now learned both the Perfect Tense and the Imperfect Tense in Italian, but when do you use which tense? ​In this episode of Coffee Break Italian we’ll be talking about “thtooms” and “dum-de-dum-de-dums”. This is Mark’s method of explaining how you can combine the Perfect Tense and the Imperfect Tense in one sentence to

Coffee Break Italian

CBI 2.21 | C’era molta gente e non faceva troppo freddo

In this lesson we’re focusing on a new tense, the imperfect, which is used for descriptions and to talk about repeated actions in the past. It’s a very straightforward tense, and Francesca shares some great news about the Imperfect in this episode! As usual, there are lots of examples and Mark and Francesca will test

Episode 208 – Q&A Spanish

In this week’s Q&A Spanish, JP and Nahyeli deal with a question from Jamil regarding when to use estaba or estuve, and a question from Steve about the use of the expression ya voy meaning “I’m coming”. As usual our experts offer plenty of examples to explain the answers to this week’s questions. If you

Coffee Break French

Season 3 – Lesson 18 – Coffee Break French

We knew you’d be desperate to find out how Katie got on at the Cannes Film Festival with Jérôme, so we’re sticking with Katie’s diary entries this week. In this episode you’ll hear a full account of her evening in Cannes with Jérôme and his parents, and you’ll also hear how things have developed between

Coffee Break French

Season 2 – Lesson 22 – Coffee Break French

In this week’s lesson we look at another tense used to talk about the past: the imperfect tense. We learn how to construct it and look at one of the situations in which the imperfect is used. Please note that lesson 22 of Season 2 was originally known as lesson 62 of Coffee Break French.