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On Location French – 26 Nov 2012

Bonjour tout le monde! It’s Rose here writing from St Brieuc. As I’ve been on holiday from school for a couple of weeks, I’m just back from visiting a friend in Paris. We had a great long weekend visiting art galleries, vintage shopping and drinking lots of chocolat viennois, the best hot chocolate I’ve ever

Coffee Break French

Season 3 – Lesson 10 – Coffee Break French

… the episode in which we introduce the subjunctive! We’re returning to Katie’s texts this week and we’ll be hearing more about her search for a job. Please note that lesson 10 of Season 3 was originally known as lesson 310 of Coffee Break French. We have renumbered the lessons of each season as lessons

Coffee Break French

Season 2 – Lesson 34 – Coffee Break French

In this week’s episode of Coffee Break French David and Christina decide to join Jean-Jacques and Sophie for dinner in the latest instalment of our ‘radio play’. Topics covered include a review of beaucoup de and a very brief introduction to the subjunctive mood. Please note that lesson 34 of Season 2 was originally known