Lesson 438
Coffee Break French

Season 4 – Episode 38 – Coffee Break French

In this episode of Coffee Break French, Pierre-Benoît and Mark discuss Sylvie’s most recent email to her mother Monique. The text gives us the opportunity to talk about a number of interesting grammar points and idiomatic expressions including further examples of the gerund, s’apercevoir de quelque chose, insister pour and the expression brûler les étapes.

Coffee Break Spanish Magazine Episode 105

The Coffee Break Spanish team is back with a new episode of the Magazine. In this edition: Alba asks passers-by in the streets of Barcelona, ¿De qué pasarías horas hablando?; Laura teaches us the expression se me ha ido el santo al cielo, meaning “I completely lost track of the time”; and JP and Nahyeli

Coffee Break Spanish Magazine Episode 103

This is the third episode of our Coffee Break Spanish Magazine. In this edition: JP and Nayheli answer listener Beth’s question about how to translate “every other…” into Spanish; Laura explains the expression tener una mosca detrás de la oreja, meaning “to be suspicious about something” and in our interviews, Alba asks ¿En qué pasas

Coffee Break Spanish

Season 2 – Lesson 36 – Coffee Break Spanish

We’re returning to another episode featuring María-José and Andrew this week in which María-José will ask the question ¿Qué estás haciendo?, ‘What are you doing?’. We’re focusing on the present continuous tense. Please note that lesson 36 of Season 2 was originally known as lesson 236 of Coffee Break Spanish. We have renumbered the lessons