french subjunctive

CBF Lesson 425
Coffee Break French

Season 4 – Episode 25 – Coffee Break French

In this episode of our advanced series for learners of French, join Pierre-Benoît and Mark to look at Monique’s latest email to her daughter Sylvie. As usual there are lots of interesting grammar points and idiomatic expressions to be discovered in the episode including a number of subjunctives, the expression être partant(e) pour quelque chose

Coffee Break French

Season 3 – Lesson 30 – Coffee Break French

It’s time for another lesson of Coffee Break French and this week we join Alf in his final text. He has been writing a diary over eight weeks while he has been renovating his new house in the south of France and attending daily French lessons with Veronica and Katie, the two other protagonists of

Coffee Break French

Season 2 – Lesson 34 – Coffee Break French

In this week’s episode of Coffee Break French David and Christina decide to join Jean-Jacques and Sophie for dinner in the latest instalment of our ‘radio play’. Topics covered include a review of beaucoup de and a very brief introduction to the subjunctive mood. Please note that lesson 34 of Season 2 was originally known