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Episode 8 – Coffee Break Conversations

In this episode of Coffee Break Conversations, Mark is joined by Tetsu Yung, one of the organisers of the Langfest conference taking place next weekend in Montreal. Mark’s presenting at the conference and Tetsu shares more information about Langfest, a celebration of languages and language-learning. To find out more about Langfest, visit the official site

Coffee Break News

Our 10th Birthday Announcements

Join our Founder and CEO Mark Pentleton for our 10th birthday announcements: Coffee Break French Season 5 coming in 2017 Coffee Break German Season 2 launches January 2017 Coffee Break Italian Season 2 launches January 2017 Coffee Break Spanish To Go – new video show launching 7th Nov 2016 Brand new Coffee Break Academy where

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Lesson 11 – Coffee Break German

We’re back with a new episode of Coffee Break German, the first in a new season of ten lessons which focus on practical German you’ll need on a trip to a German-speaking country. In this episode you’ll be learning to order drinks – and coffees – in a café. Coffee Break German comes to you