Coffee Break Swedish – Season 1

Coffee Break Swedish

CBSw 1.01 | Hur mår du? – How are you?

Join teacher Hanna and learner Mark and learn Swedish on your coffee break! In this first episode you’ll learn some basic greetings and how to ask the question “how are you?”, and give different answers, depending on how you’re feeling. It’s just like going for a coffee with your Swedish-speaking friend and learning Swedish quickly and easily. In this episode

Coffee Break Swedish

CBSw 1.02 | Vad heter du? – What’s your name?

Teacher Hanna and learner Mark are back for Episode 2 of Coffee Break Swedish. This time, you’ll learn a variety of greetings and you’ll be able to introduce yourself and ask the question ‘what is your name?’. By the end of the episode you’ll also know how to answer this question.

Coffee Break Swedish

CBSw 1.03 | Var kommer du ifrån? – Where do you come from?

In this episode of Coffee Break Swedish you’ll be learning how to talk about where you’re from. We’ll cover countries and nationalities, and you’ll be able to answer the question var kommer du ifrån? We’ll also hear from our Cultural Correspondent Emma who’ll tell us more about the Swedish language and where it’s spoken.

Coffee Break Swedish

CBSw 1.04 | Var bor du?

Join teacher Hanna, learner Mark and Cultural Correspondent Emma in the fourth lesson of Coffee Break Swedish. In this lesson you’ll extend your range of expression and learn to talk about where you live. We’ll also cover subject pronouns and teach you how to address people in Swedish properly.

Coffee Break Swedish

CBSw 1.05 | Det här är min vän

Hanna and Mark are back for another episode of Coffee Break Swedish. In this lesson you’ll learn how to introduce members of your family and talk about them using the correct subject pronouns.