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Coffee Break Spanish

Season 3 – Lesson 36 – Coffee Break Spanish

¡Estamos de vuelta! We’re delighted to be back with a new episode of Coffee Break Spanish in which Mark is joined by Loreto, from Chile. In this first of two episodes with Loreto, we learn about the geography and culture of Chile. Please note that lesson 36 of Season 3 was originally known as lesson

Lesson 01 – One Minute LAm Spanish

In lesson 1 of One Minute Spanish for Latin America you will learn to say “hello” and “goodbye”. If you can’t wait ten weeks for our entire course you can access the premium version of the entire course immediately. This features a lesson guide, video versions of each lesson featuring the words and phrases on

Lesson 36 – Show Time Spanish

¡Estamos de vuelta! It’s been a few weeks since our last episode of Show Time Spanish, and this has been the result of major server problems. We’ve completed a migration of all our content to new servers today, and we’re delighted to be back with a new episode of Show Time Spanish in which Mark