Coffee Break Spanish

Episode 29 – Season 4 – Coffee Break Spanish

In this episode Rory is updating Alejandro on the latest developments about the treasure they have found. María has now spoken to her professor and they’ve made a plan to notify the authorities. In this episode we see a number of interesting language points including a discussion on the use of the verb salir when

CBS Espresso 8
Coffee Break Spanish

Coffee Break Spanish Espresso 008

In this week’s Coffee Break Spanish Espresso Mark talks about a notice he photographed in a supermarket parking lot in Mexico. The language featured on the notice gives us an opportunity to look at the future tense, the word durante and some interesting vocabulary. In the Subjunctive of the Week segment, Fernanda tackles the tricky word aunque and

Coffee Break Spanish Magazine – Episode 109

Join the Coffee Break Spanish Magazine team and improve your Spanish listening skills. In this edition: Alba asks her interviewees, ¿cuál es el mejor regalo que has recibido jamás?; Laura teaches us the phrases de tal palo, tal astillo, meaning “like father, like son” or “a chip off the old block”; and JP and Nahyeli

Episode 202 – Q&A Spanish

It’s Q&A Spanish time again this week and we’re turning to questions from Beth who wants to know about using the subjunctive with aunque, and from Mr Bean who is looking for some help to translate “I’ve been studying Spanish for 40 years”. JP and Nayheli provide their expert answers as usual with lots of