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Coffee Break French

Season 4 – Episode 32 – Coffee Break French

It’s time for another episode in our series for advanced French learners. In this lesson Mark and Pierre-Benoît are discussing the latest email from Matthieu to Gabrielle. There are many interesting expressions and useful grammar points covered including agreement of preceding direct objects, rien que de + infinitive, en avoir l’eau à la bouche, and

CBF 426
Coffee Break French

Season 4 – Episode 26 – Coffee Break French

We’re back with another episode of our advanced French course. In this episode Mark and Pierre-Benoît consider Sylvie’s latest email to her mother and, as usual there are lots of interesting grammar points and idiomatic expressions to discuss including se faire des films, faire un petit somme and the expression en dire long sur quelque

Coffee Break French

Season 4 – Lesson 05 – Coffee Break French

We turn our attention once more to Monique, Sylvie’s mother, whose email to her daughter provides a further opportunity for learners to familiarise themselves with a whole range of idiomatic phrases and interesting grammar points. The lesson is presented by Mark and Pierre-Benoît in a mix of French and English. After presenting Monique’s email, Mark