nts-600The information on this page is for former premium subscribers to Show Time Spanish and was explained in an email which we sent out on Thursday 13th May 2010.

We have been working on a range of new materials for intermediate to advanced Spanish learners and we are pleased to introduce the first of these in a pilot form today. News Time Spanish is a weekly show which features news stories from around the world in Spanish, aimed at learners who have been studying Spanish for some time. Each show lasts just 5-6 minutes, and is presented entirely in Spanish by none other than José Picardo, whom listeners will know well from Show Time Spanish. Stories will cover a range of topics from current affairs, culture, technology, sport and music, and will deal both with the Spanish-speaking world and the wider world.

In order to ensure that we can maintain a regular publishing pattern, we are planning to make the show short and to the point: it will contain only the presentation of the news stories. The audio programme will, as usual, be available free on our site and through iTunes. In addition we plan to create a set of lesson notes which will feature a full transcript, vocabulary and exercises based on the content of each programme.

We’d like your feedback!

You will find below a link to the pilot episode of News Time Spanish. We’d like to find out what you think. As experienced learners and seasoned listeners to Show Time Spanish we very much value your opinion. So, you may consider answering some or all of the following questions:

  • How is the speed of delivery? Just right? Too fast? Too slow?
  • What about the content? Do you find it interesting? Obviously each week the stories will reflect what’s happening in the world, but we’ll always try to include something interesting from Hispanic culture, and we won’t always report on the most ‘obvious’ news stories.
  • Later today I’ll post the notes for this episode here too, so we’d like to know what you think of them. Do they provide enough background to help you to understand? Would questions be better in English or in Spanish?
  • Any other thoughts on News Time Spanish?

One really important thing to point out is the fact that we are not intending News Time Spanish as the follow-on from Show Time: rather, it is one of the continuation routes from Show Time, and in the coming months we’ll be introducing other elements picking up on grammar, vocabulary extension, listening practice, etc.

Now the tricky bit: we’re hoping to launch News Time Spanish next Monday, so we’re looking for your feedback as soon as possible! If you can email us even some quick thoughts over the next 48 hours, that would be very much appreciated! Email network@radiolingua.com, marking the subject line News Time Spanish, and we’ll do our best to take your feedback on board.

Download pilot episode of News Time Spanish here


Download lesson notes for News Time Spanish pilot episode

Download “slow version” for News Time Spanish episode 1 (see below)

We’ve been thinking a lot about the speed of delivery of the show and we’re particularly keen to stick to a “natural speed”, pushing learners to listen to Spanish spoken at a normal speed. Re-recording at a slower speed isn’t practical and will impact on the production process to the extent that it simply won’t happen in the course of a week. However, we’ve been experimenting with electronically slowing down the speed and I’m including a ‘slow version’ where we’ve reduced the speed electronically of the original recording. The link is above. Be aware that this is electronically slowed down, so it’s not 100% natural – we don’t expect this to be the main episode you listen to, but would it be useful even to listen to once to get a feel for the text at a slower speed?