You’ve used Radio Lingua materials before but need some help with the new site

Hopefully you like the look of the new site and we’re sure that once you get more used to it, you’ll find it much easier to navigate and to find our materials.

We used to have separate websites for each podcast, and each of them were slightly different. They all centred around a list of lessons, in the case of Coffee Break French and Coffee Break Spanish this was called the “lesson library”. Other pages on the site provided information about the materials, and in order to access the members’ materials you had to visit a different site especially for members.

Accessing the lesson libraries

In this new site, we’ve tried to bring everything into the one place, so hopefully it will be much more intuitive to use. We should say that there are a few things which will take a few days to get sorted out and fully migrated over to the new site. The key thing to understand about the new site is that there are three ways to get access to the lesson libraries for each show.

  1. Beneath the scroller graphics on the homepage you fill find a drop-down menu providing “Direct access to our lessons”. Clicking on this menu will reveal the full list of shows available. When you select the show you require, you will be taken to the lesson library for that show, with the most recent lessons appearing at the top of the page.
  2. All product pages, eg. Coffee Break Spanish, Walk, Talk and Learn French, etc. have a table which lists important information about the product. There is a link to access the lesson library provided in the links section, along with the iTunes podcast link and other information.
  3. On many pages of the site you have access to the sidebar where you can select Lesson Library and access the materials for the show of your choice.

What about the members’ pages?

As with the previous version of the site, you can access the members’ pages to download the materials that you have purchased. Some of these materials are provided as premium iTunes feeds. Other materials have to be downloaded manually from the site. We’re working to create premium feeds for all the materials. Access the members area here, or use the drop down Members menu. Note that you can only download materials which you have purchased and are part of your membership. If you have any questions relating to memberships and Season Passes, please contact us.

How can I contribute and join the discussions?

With our new site, we’re trying to encourage our listeners and learners to join the discussion on the website, rather than using the discussion boards. The discussion boards are still accessible here, but we will be phasing these out over time as the discussions move to the new website. We’ll provide discussion topics regularly, and would encourage all users to post their comments on the discussions. If you’d like to personalise your comments, then you can consider signing up for a gravatar and your photo will appear next to your comments.

Tell me more about the new features of the site

Here are some of the highlights of our new website:

  • the entire site is fully searchable so if you remember a particular episode that you enjoyed about the Spanish imperfect subjunctive, then you can simply search for this in our search bar available on most pages. 
  • you can browse episodes of French, German, Spanish and Italian podcasts by language so, for example, you can see all of our French episodes by selecting French in the Lesson Library, rather than restricting your search to episodes of Walk, Talk and Learn French or One Minute French, etc. These podcasts used to be on completely different sites!
  • we’ve provided a share/save link on every post, so if you find something you like and want to tell the world about it on Twitter or link to it on your Facebook page, simply hover over the share/save link at the bottom of any episode or news item and quickly send it to your chosen bookmarking site or social network.
  • we have an all-new Radio Lingua Flickr account to share our production photos with you. This is accessible from the bottom of most pages.
  • Find out more about our presenters and the Radio Lingua team and about the history of the company.

Of course, now that the new site is active we plan to make it even better and we’ll let you know about those plans in the coming weeks and months!

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