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Special Announcement, 26 September 2014

In celebration of the European Day of Languages, we're announcing our plans
for the coming year in a special broadcast at 8pm on 26th September 2014.
Join us live and post your comments below!

7 responses to “Got time for a quick coffee? Announcements from Radio Lingua”

  1. Big fan of coffeebreak french – great series 🙂 One thing though..I’ve been waiting for the latest episode for about a month (unless I’ve missed it)! Is it coming soon to iTunes? Merci.

    • Hi Matt – thanks for your comment. Yes, we’ll be updating Coffee Break French tomorrow with lesson 421. Both 421 and 422 are already in the members’ feed though, if you’re a member. Bonne continuation.

  2. Great news Mark! I will look forward to checking my newsfeed on facebook and the launch of Coffee Break Spanish season 4. Estupendo!

  3. Quelles belles nouvelles! Je suis à Paris pour améliorer mes compétences linguistiques, et à mon avis c’est un innovation très bien que vous raconte dans ce message. Bon chance pour l’avenir!

  4. I really enjoy listening to the fourth season of coffee break French. I’m very pleased with my purchase.

    I hope that the fourth season of coffee break Spanish be as good as that. Good luck!

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