Course Outline
fogerman-300 Title:
A Flavour of German
Level: Intermediate to advanced speakers
Presenter: Presented by Julia and Mark
Number of episodes: 10 episodes of 8-10 minutes each
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Active or Archive? Original broadcast Summer 2008. Now available in archive
This course provides a fresh look at German idioms as native speaker Julia helps learn Mark improve his range of expression in German. Each episode covers a different theme: from weather to luck, from anger to love, and the phrases covered are discussed in context.

Spice up your German with A Flavour of German. This innovative method for teaching idiomatic expressions in German has proved very popular with intermediate German learners around the world.


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Listeners’ testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – read what A Flavour of German listeners have to say about the show. All reviews are taken from iTunes UK and US. If you’ve been learning with us, perhaps you would consider writing a review in iTunes yourself.

Great podcast. I listened to it for a minute and learned more than I have with hours of other podcasts. Fun and relaxed German learing. RedDevilsLad, iTunes US, August 08

This is great for all levels of ability in German. As an advanced speaker myself, I’m very excited to get some exposure to more idiomatic phrases than I normally would hear. Each lesson is presented clearly with a theme that helps with understanding and retention. Great job! Nate, iTunes US, June 08

I keep meaning to get round to improving my German, but most language courses are pretty dull. This one is presented in a clear, anjoyable way with ‘real’ day-to-day phrases. Definitely recommend it. DomBurkhalter, iTunes UK, July 08