Course Outline
writebacksoon300 Title:
Write Back Soon
Level: Complete beginners
Presenter: Presented by Gerry and features “Duncan” and “Lisa”
Number of episodes: 8 episodes of 6-8 minutes each
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Active or Archive? Original broadcast September – December 2008. Now available in archive
This course is made up of eight lessons, each lasting 6-8 minutes. Write Back Soon aims to help English learners understand and practise their phrasal verbs.

Write Back Soon deals with a particular aspect of the English language which learners find notoriously difficult: phrasal verbs. In each episode, teacher Gerry introduces an email written between Scottish students Duncan and Lisa: Lisa is studying in Canada at the moment, and Duncan is back home in Scotland, and they are conducting a long-distance relationship by email. Through their regular emails, learners follow their story, and hear several phrasal verbs in use in each episode. Gerry then explains how each phrasal verb is used. This ground-breaking review of phrasal verbs has been met with great enthusiasm by learners of English around the world.