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Sarah Caldwell, Opera Impresario

If you’ve arrived at this page, you’ve taken part in an event where our managing director, Mark Pentleton, has been talking about language learning. We hope you enjoyed the presentation. Please do feel free to leave a comment below and let us know if you found it useful.

How you can benefit from our free Coffee Break resources

As Mark explained, we produce the Coffee Break Language courses, and we have loads of free content which you can use to help you develop your language skills.


You can listen to our podcasts on your phone / tablet / computer. Subscribe to the podcasts, or access our different seasons on our website using the links below:


We’re very active on Instagram and use it to share news of what the Coffee Break team is up to, our latest language learning content and challenges to help you build your language skills.


Every week we publish language activities on Facebook, helping you improve your French / German / Italian / Spanish / Chinese. Join the conversation and watch our live broadcasts here:


We’ve got loads of content for language learners on YouTube, and we’re going to be adding to this in 2018.

The January Challenge

We’ve recently been running a January language-learning challenge, and you can join in – even if it’s no longer January! Go to this page on our site and download your free checklist. Make sure you’re following us on Instagram to keep up to date with the challenge.

Your Free Gift

Mark promised you a free gift during the session, and you can access this at the link below. The One Minute Languages Polyglot Pack will help you learn the basics of 31 languages, from Arabic to Zulu! This bundle of courses on the Coffee Break Academy retails at £126.00 so this is a very special offer. Each course features ten video lessons and a set of lesson notes.

When you access the link below, please note that you will have to create an account on the Coffee Break Academy. We would therefore ask that you check with your parents/carers before creating the account. As long as you have the special code Mark gave you during the presentation, you’ll not be asked to pay anything. Your teachers will also have been given this code.

Please note that the special free coupon code is set to expire a few days after the presentation you attended.

To access your free One Minute Languages Polyglot pack, click on the link below, scroll to the bottom and click on Enrol in course. Make sure you enter the coupon code on the next page.


Let us know what you think!

We’d love to hear your feedback on Mark’s presentation, or your thoughts on language learning. Feel free to get in touch and let us know what you think.

Good luck with your language-learning – and remember, a little language can go a very long way!

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