The Coffee Break Masterclass


Become a master of French or Spanish
with our 6-month interactive course!

  • Regular audio lessons

    The Masterclass is built around our regular audio lessons, and in each module there will be five main lessons. As usual, the audio lessons are presented by our expert teachers joined by native speakers, and in addition to learning content and original dialogues, you’ll also benefit from our translation challenges and worked examples.

  • Exercises and challenges

    We’ve also developed a set of exercises and challenges for each module which will help you consolidate the language you learn in the lessons. Some of the exercises are based around translations between English and French/Spanish, and our challenges will involve you putting your language skills to the test with some writing practice.

  • Join the community

    Our private members’ forum will allow you to share your learning with the Masterclass community. You can ask a question about a particular aspect of the module lessons, or try out your language skills and get feedback from the community. The forum is not open to the public, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re working with a dedicated group of fellow language learners.

Hear from our Masterclass alumni

I'm finding the Masterclasses extremely useful and convenient. The topics are nicely targeted to the needs of my level in Spanish, and the materials and activities are well designed. I like the way the learning and challenges are delivered in doable packages that fit in with a busy life!

Melanie Harris
Spanish Masterclass Student

This is a terrific program. I can work at my own pace, am always learning something new, I enjoy being connected with a community of learners, and I profit from the feedback. The content is logical and sequential. Each lesson builds upon and reinforces the last. The video reviews and checklists are very helpful as are the quizzes.

Caroline Evans
French Masterclass student

I am enjoying the Masterclass very much and I am a huge fan of all things Coffee Break Spanish.  I love the fact that there is new material presented every few days of the week.  That keeps things fresh and gives me something new to work on throughout the week.  I also get a lot out of the forum exercises where we attempt to apply what we've learned by creating a sentence/paragraph that incorporates the learning.  Receiving timely feedback about our posts is extremely helpful and provides a great deal of additional learning.

David Scarpello
Spanish Masterclass student

I like the in depth analysis of the different topics, the use of audio, video, and written material and the opportunity to enjoy the input of other French learners, as well as receiving expert feedback. All of which makes for a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience, which is nothing less than what I have come to expect from Coffee Break French.

Michael Maher
French Masterclass student

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