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Coffee Break French is available in four levels, providing materials for absolute beginners up to advanced learners of French. For more information about Coffee Break French, click the button below.

Coffee Break Spanish is available in four levels, from beginner to advanced. For more information about what you can learn in the Coffee Break Spanish series, please click the button below.

Our Coffee Break German course is currently available in one level and introduces the language to complete beginners. For more information about Coffee Break German, click the button below.

Our Coffee Break Italian course is currently available in one level and is aimed at complete beginners. For more information about Coffee Break Italian, please click the button below.

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Learn a language from scratch or build your existing language skills with our unique and engaging formula. With our Coffee Break language courses you can learn where and when it suits you best! Available to download onto your computer, smartphone, mp3 player or tablet, our audio and video lessons provide you with a flexible and independent learning experience.

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  1. Just starting to learn Spanish. Came across the podcasts on iTunes. Seems very good. I jumped ahead to the most recent podcast (season 4). Couldn’t understand a thing (which I expected not to be able to). My question is: will I be able to understand that level of Spanish just going through the lessons (with the premium package, of course) or is there other independent learning and studying that needs to be done. Also, with all the different products (Coffee break Spanish seasons 1-4, espresso, magazine, news, one-minute, masterclass), what is the recommended order of courses? Thank you!

    • Apologies for the slow reply, Alan. That is the idea: working through Coffee Break Spanish Seasons 1 through to 4 should equip you with the Spanish you need to get the most out of our most recent content, and indeed using the language “for real”. Our courses are very much progressive, so you work through them at your own pace and build your confidence along the way. The One Minute Spanish course is the very basic introduction to the langauge, but you can skip that if you’re going to be using Coffee Break. We would suggest Coffee Break 1, Coffee Break 2, then start listening to the Espresso, join the Masterclass, and when you feel ready continue with Coffee Break 3 and Coffee Break 4. Hope that helps.

  2. Hi, I bought some upgraded Coffeebreak Spanish courses a couple of years ago, during a Christmas special, but never downloaded them. I also bought a French course from you at the same time. I’ve forgotten how to download them or even where to find the courses I bought. Help, please! Thanks, Lisa

  3. Hi Mark,
    I came across mention of your podcasts on the Spanish subReddit as one of the best ways to learn Spanish, so I downloaded the first session and was absolutely blown away by the quality!!! I’ve struggled through Spanish classes several times, but listening to you and Kara is just fun!! I really feel I’ve learned a lot and my confidence level increases with each podcast.
    You guys are amazing…..thank you so much!!!

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