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  1. Hi there,

    I’m a Season 3 and 4 premium subscriber to Coffee Break French. What I really liked about the course is that it’s fun and doesn’t take a typical ‘coursework’, or school style approach to learning which gets boring quickly.

    However, now that I’ve got better and I’m at the season 3-4 level, I actually find myself wanting more textbook style learning to make sure I can cement my French. It’s gone from something that I would have found boring, to something that I feel would now be helpful. E.g. the best way for me to learn the difference between direct and indirect objects would be to run through hundreds of exercises, until it becomes second nature. And the same for e.g. when to use the subjunctive, have hundreds of example sentences, so it becomes natural.

    Do you have any plans to release something like this, for the more advanced learners? Or can you recommend any textbooks that may be helpful for this.

    Thank you,

  2. Hi there, I tried to request an update for CBI Season 2, but I haven’t received the confirmation link to my email address. Can you add me to the updates list please? or simply let me know when the new course is due to start? kind regards Lisa

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