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17 responses to “Introducing Coffee Break Italian – Grazie!”

    • Hi Greg. The VAT is applied depending on where the customer is. This only applies to customers in the EU. There are full details here. Hope this helps.

  1. I’m not sure I understand how many of the episodes are free and at what point you need to start paying? I’ve started downloading the free Italian podcasts and may wish to continue beyond these. I couldn’t see Italian in the list of products ?
    Thank you

  2. Hi Mark, I’ve listened to My Daily Phrase Italian on and off for a few years now, and I love your teaching style and I’m very excited to listen to the new program! I feel like I’m meeting an old friend again.

  3. Ciao your program is very fantastic every one can easily learn lenguge….frencsca and Katie answer question are very nice …I hope you will send more lesson in audio free lessons grazie Mille

  4. Io sono molto felice de “take part daily” de cafe culturale! Grazie per tute las lecciones! Bacio…Ana (Brazil)

  5. Hi, I subscribed to coffe break French and found it excellent. I have previously studied Italian at night school, many years ago. Can you tell me what level season one will go to, ie imperfect, past, future, conditional etc? I particularly enjoy your structured, methodical and logical approach. It makes remembering much easier. Thank you.

    • Hi Janis. Season 1 will mainly cover present tenses, although towards the end of Season 1 we will introduce some past tenses but mainly as vocabulary rather than going into anything in detail. Season 2 will help learners build their understanding with more complex grammar. Hope that helps.

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