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Coffee Break Spanish
Season 3

If you're vexed by your verbs, find pronouns painful and you're completely stumped by the subjunctive, this is the course for you!

Previously known as Show Time Spanish, Coffee Break Spanish Season 3 is the third season of the award-winning series for learners of Spanish from the Radio Lingua Network.

What does the course contain?

There are forty lessons in total, representing over twenty hours of audio content and hundreds of pages of lesson notes and exercises.

In each lesson, native speaker Alba and teacher Mark discuss a particular topic. Topics include travel, cultural points, language-learning, and current affairs. The course also features a telenovela - a serialised soap opera or radio play - which will help you to develop your language skills further.

Show Time Spanish features native speakers from around the Spanish-speaking world, with special episodes on Latin American topics and discussions about how the language varies from country to country.

How does it work?

Each lesson - or "show" - starts with a first "act" in Spanish featuring the conversation between Alba and Mark.

The team is joined by José for the intermedio - a light-hearted intermission with Spanish tongue-twisters, jokes and lots more.

The second "act" is presented by Mark in which he talks through the interesting vocabulary, the complex grammar and the idiomatic expressions used earlier in the show.

You can access the audio lessons where and when it suits you, so it's easy to pause and rewind if you've missed something, or to listen again to an explanation of a grammar point, helping you deepen your understanding and develop your confidence in using Spanish.

Meet your presenters: Alba and Mark

Each lesson contains:

  • Main audio lesson

    Each audio lesson is 20-25 minutes in length and features the main learning content including dialogues in Spanish, explanations in English and lots of examples to help learners understand the lesson.

  • Lesson guide and transcript

    We provide a full transcript of all the Spanish contained in the lesson, and comprehensive lesson notes with explanations of the grammar and idiomatic expressions used in the dialogue.

  • "Encore" audio episode

    Having listened to the main audio episode and worked through the notes, it’s now time to test what you’ve learned. The “encore” episode provides a series of translation challenges to test your understanding, and Mark talks through the sample translations, explaining the tricky language points. Our Encore episodes last around 10-12 minutes.

  • "Encore" lesson notes

    We also provide the written version of the translation challenges contained in the “Encore” audio lessons.

Key features of the course

  • The key to improving your Spanish

    If you’ve been looking for the best way to take your Spanish to the next level, look no further! Coffee Break Spanish Season 3 is the key to building your vocabulary, extending your range of idiomatic expressions and building your skills to allow you to use Spanish with confidence where and when you need to!

  • A structured approach to grammar

    All learners struggle with tricky aspects of Spanish grammar, but with Coffee Break Spanish Season 3 you’ll be guided through difficult points and develop a deep understanding, allowing you to build on your knowledge and become more confident in speaking and writing in Spanish.

  • Structure and progression

    Coffee Break Spanish Season 3 has been carefully designed by experienced teachers and native speakers of Spanish to introduce a variety of grammar points and idiomatic phrases over the course of the lessons. When learners then hear these phrases used naturally in the course of the telenovela episodes, this will provide the perfect way to consolidate the language points and build confidence in using them yourself.

Try it for yourself: sample downloads

We've provided sample files below for the premium materials associated with this product. Please feel free to download these files for one of the forty lessons, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Lesson 3 main audio
    Lesson 3 main audio

    Main audio lesson for lesson 3 of Coffee Break Spanish Season 3: sample download

  • Lesson 3 bonus audio
    Lesson 3 bonus audio

    Bonus audio lesson for lesson 3 of Coffee Break Spanish Season 3: sample download

Get on top of the grammar!

With Coffee Break Spanish Season 3 you'll master some key grammar points which will help you build a solid foundation on which to build all future learning.

  • Verb tenses

    Perhaps you’re already confident using the present tense; maybe you can say what you’re going to do, or talk about what happened in the past in a basic way. Coffee Break Spanish Season 3 will help you master Spanish verbs in a range of tenses and, before you know it, you’ll be able to cope with the imperfect, perfect, preterite, future, conditional and much more!

  • Master those pronouns

    Can you tell the difference between an indirect and direct object pronoun? Do you know which comes first? Do you know how to combine them? We look in detail at a whole range of direct and indirect object pronouns in the course. And it’s not a case of looking at these as isolated grammar points: we always talk about language in context and through a range of examples you’ll quickly master these trickier points of Spanish grammar.

  • ¿Ser? o ¿Estar?

    ¡Buena pregunta! This is just one example of something which all learners find challenging. We’ll be covering ser and estar – and much more – in the course, and through solid explanations you’ll become confident in using complex structures in the language.

  • Por and Para

    This is another area of Spanish grammar which learners find difficult, and we’ll definitely not be shying away from por and para in Coffee Break Spanish Season 3. You’ll hear many examples of both translations of “for” in the course and by lesson 40 you’ll learn exactly when to use which!

  • The Subjunctive...

    For many intermediate learners of Spanish the subjunctive is Enemy No. 1, but after working through the carefully constructed lessons, you’ll develop a thorough knowledge of when to use the subjunctive, and – perhaps even more importantly – when and how to avoid it!

Accessible where and when you want to learn

Coffee Break Spanish Season 3 is accessible where and when you want to learn. You can download the individual mp3 and pdf documents on your computer, or use our podcast feeds to access the files on iPhones, iPads or Android devices. Take the course with you and learn on the go.

Every fifth lesson of Coffee Break Spanish Season 3 is an episode of our soap opera radio play, Verano Español  - "Spanish Summer". In this telenovela you'll follow the stories of Spanish dad Antonio, his Scottish wife Iona and their bilingual daughter Laura, as they spend the summer in Spain and experience Spanish life - and in some cases, love - first-hand! Best of all, the words and phrases used in the script will be familiar to you as you'll have covered them in the previous episodes of the series, making Verano Español the perfect way to consolidate your learning on a regular basis.

All of this at an affordable price

The complete course is available for just £79.00 GBP (including VAT), or approximately $112.00 USD* (excluding VAT) for non-EU customers. This means that each lesson costs just £1.65 ($2.80 USD) - a lot less than a coffee at your favourite coffee shop!

You're just 90 seconds away from accessing all these resources!

  • 40 lessons to help you take your Spanish to the next level
  • Over 20 hours of audio content: listen where and when you want
  • Lesson notes to help you increase your confidence and build your knowledge

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Don't just take our word for it!

Professional, useful, stimulating and challenging! As someone who admittedly has a firm grasp of the Spanish language, this is a podcast to keep even the most advanced level speakers on their toes. If you are learning Spanish at a high level in education in your free time, I thoroughly recommend this podcast to help you out. I just wish that this had been available when I was doing my GCSEs or A-Levels!

iTunes UK Review

I would highly recommend this to anyone that wants to take their Spanish to the next level - it literally does! The program explores the finer details of the language that many classes don't cover. I have studied the language for about five years (four in high school, one at university level), and I was looking for a program to fine-tune my Spanish. Even at the first lesson I learned something new.

iTunes US Review

Well conceived and very professional. This is a highly recommended 2nd stage Spanish course. This is particularly useful for someone who like myself has spent a year or two with beginners level Spanish (or perhaps has followed the 80 episodes of its sister podcast, Coffee Break Spanish) and is now looking for something a little more challenging. This is it! Mark and his co-presenters use a highly entertaining format to gently introduce the listener to more complex language features whilst at the same time preparing the ground for the main "shows" which occur every fifth episode. If you're seriously interested in moving to an intermediate course, or wish to revise some 'rusty' language you may have learned years ago, give this a try. You will not be disappointed.

iTunes UK Review

I love this podcast! Because I teach ESL, I am very picky about choosing language learning materials for myself. The people who constructed this program clearly took great care in making something that really promotes learning, plus I have fun listening to it. The vocabulary and grammar instruction is quite relevant. I feel so motivated when I hear the same phrases used later in the "telenovela" (every fifth episode). I usually listen to each episode twice, but I like how they build on each other for continued mastery. I have tried many other podcasts in several languages and this one is by far the most professional, the most creative, and the most useful in advancing my abilities.

iTunes US Review

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