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Coffee Break German

Are you planning a trip to a German-speaking country? Do you want to impress your German-speaking colleagues? Or perhaps you have German-speaking friends or relatives. With Coffee Break German you'll learn to communicate in German and understand how the language works using our simple lessons, where and when it suits you.

What does the course contain?

There are forty lessons in total, representing over twenty hours of audio content and hundreds of pages of lesson notes and exercises.

In each lesson, native speaker Thomas guides learner Mark on his language-learning journey. Topics covered include all common travel situations and you'll learn to communicate effectively with native speakers to make friends, buy things, order food and drink, check into a hotel, cope with emergencies and lots more.

The course is aimed at complete beginners, but through the forty lessons of Season 1, you'll acquire a solid grounding in the language and you'll soon be able to use German confidently with native speakers from all over the German-speaking world.

How does it work?

Think of Coffee Break German like going for a coffee with your friend who happens to speak German and is helping you learn in a relaxed, enjoyable way. Then add a solid structure and carefully constructed pedagogy which ensures that you progress through the lessons and build on previously-learned materials.

Coffee Break German is not a simple series of "listen and repeat" audio programmes: in each lesson Thomas explains how the language works, helping Mark - and you - to manipulate the language and use it in practical situations. As a speaker of several other languages and an experienced teacher himself, Mark asks questions all the time, so your own questions will be answered as you learn more.

Each lesson contains:

  • Main audio lesson

    Each audio lesson is around 20 minutes in length and features the main learning content including dialogues in German, discussions about the language between Thomas and Mark, and tips on grammar and culture.

  • Video flashcards

    We also provide video flashcards for the main audio lessons which feature the words and phrases covered in the lesson on the screen, helping you to see how German is written and to build your understanding of the language.

  • Lesson guide and transcript

    We provide a full set of notes for each lesson with transcripts of any dialogues contained in the lesson and explanations of all grammar points and cultural information.

  • Bonus audio episode

    Having listened to the main audio lesson and worked through the notes, it’s now time to test what you’ve learned. The bonus audio content helps you test your understanding with translation challenges and bonus vocabulary. The duration of the bonus audio episodes is around 8-10 minutes.

Key features of the course

  • Unlock the German language

    Whether you’re taking your very first steps in German, or you’re revisiting the language after previous attempts to learn, we’re sure that you’ll find Coffee Break German the key to making real progress, through our carefully planned lessons.

  • Helping you master the grammar

    German grammar is tricky, and we’ll not be shying away from the grammar in the Coffee Break German lessons, but we’ll keep things on a “need-to-know” basis, and with the help of our Grammar Guru you’ll begin to recognise the patterns of the language, allowing you to form a solid foundation on which to build your mastery of German. Read on to find out more about our Grammar Guru.

  • The bigger picture

    Coffee Break German has been carefully designed by experienced teachers and native speakers of German to introduce the language in a structured way. In addition to the vocabulary areas and grammatical concepts covered, we’ll also be looking at cultural aspects of the German-speaking world with the help of our Cultural Correspondent. Read on to find out more about this element of the course.

Try it for yourself: sample downloads

We've provided sample files below for the premium materials associated with this product. Please feel free to download these files for one of the forty lessons, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Lesson 3 main audio
    Lesson 3 main audio

    Main audio lesson for lesson 3 of Coffee Break German (23 mins): sample download

  • Lesson 3 bonus audio
    Lesson 3 bonus audio

    Bonus audio lesson for lesson 3 of Coffee Break German (11 mins): sample download

  • Lesson 3 notes
    Lesson 3 notes

    PDF lesson guide for lesson 3 of Coffee Break German: sample download.

Meet the team

Coffee Break German is brought to you by a team of enthusiastic presenters:
you'll be joining them for your regular "coffee breaks" during which
you'll develop your knowledge of the German language, and much more!

  • Thomas

    Thomas is a native speaker of German from the southern German region of Bavaria. Currently completing a Masters at Innsbruck University in Austria, Thomas also has lots of experience teaching German to native English speakers. Thomas is delighted to be involved in Coffee Break German.

  • Mark

    As the Managing Director of Radio Lingua and host of Coffee Break French and Coffee Break Spanish, Mark is well-placed to take on a new language in this series. The tables are turned as he’ll be learning German along with you, but using his experience of languages to ask the right questions!

  • Kirsten

    While Mark and Thomas focus on the language in use, we also take a closer look at the patterns of the language with our resident Grammar Guru. Kirsten is a self-confessed “grammar geek” with an honours degree in German. Having mastered German as a foreigner, Kirsten has already gone through the learning process, so she can explain the complexities of German grammar and help you to understand the patterns and utilise them yourself.

  • Julia

    Learning a language is about much more than the language itself: culture plays such an important role. In each lesson of Coffee Break German, Julia will introduce an element of culture from the German-speaking world. A native of Berlin, Julia is passionate about sharing all aspects of German, Austrian and Swiss culture with learners.

Accessible where and when you want to learn

Coffee Break German Season 1 is accessible where and when you want to learn. You can download the individual audio, video and text documents on your computer, or use our podcast feeds to access the files on iPhones, iPads or Android devices. Take the course with you and learn on the go.

At the moment this season of Coffee Break German is an on-going publication, with episodes being released every two weeks. When you purchase the membership, you'll be able to download immediately all the previously released episodes*, and as each new episode is published you'll have access to the new content. Think of it like a "Season Pass".

Remember, with around 30-40 minutes of audio content and 10-15 pages of transcripts and notes, there is a huge amount of learning content in each lesson, so you can pace yourself and make gradual progress as you master the language of every episode before moving on to the next lesson.

All of this at an affordable price

The complete course is available for just £79.00 GBP (including VAT), or approximately $112.00 USD** (excluding VAT) for non-EU customers. This means that each lesson costs just £1.65 ($2.80 USD) - a lot less than a coffee at your favourite coffee shop!

You're just 90 seconds away from accessing all these resources!

  • 40 lessons helping you make the best possible start with your German
  • Over 20 hours of audio and video content: listen where and when you want
  • Lesson notes to help you increase your confidence and build your knowledge

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Don't just take our word for it!

Really impressive program. I was using the free podcast for the first few lessons, then upgraded to the paid subscription. The video flashcards are extremely helpful and the grammar guru sections are a nice break from the dialogue. The whole thing is professional and polished. A real pleasure to study with - recommended.

iTunes US Review

Definitely I believe the premium Coffee Break German is worth it, especially because the spelling and pronunciation in German are often quite different from English, so it helps to see how the words are actually spelled. The PDF files and video versions of the podcasts are very helpful and well designed.

Florence Lin Erman
Facebook Message

Your course has been a wonderful breakthrough for me. I have learned so much more than I have with any other medium or course or book, CD system or internet system. I have tried other expensive courses but they didn't teach me how to manipulate the language for myself, or why certain grammar rules exist. I have also tried many other mediums, ultimately leaving me no more fluent than I was before. I learned a few more phrases and words, but no rules of grammar to make my own sentences and expressions, and living in Iowa, USA, I don't get much practice in speaking, so I like listening to your podcast over and over again and I speak along with you, and actually feel that I'm making real progress.

James Asher
Facebook Message

As an advanced Spanish speaker and intermediate in French, I have used Radio Lingua's Coffee Break Spanish and Coffee Break French. However, I barely knew a single word of German before embarking on Coffee Break German course. Each lesson is well structured with conversation, vocabulary and essential grammar. The Cultural Correspondent feature is an interesting edition - definitely the right decision. The video flashcards are particularly useful as you see the words written as they are spoken. The bonus audio has more conversation and vocabulary, together with a useful test. The written lesson guide builds into an excellent textbook. This is the best Radio Lingua product I have come across and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking to learn, or improve, their German.

iTunes UK Review

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*At the moment Coffee Break German Season 1 is an on-going publication. This means that we are publishing episodes every two weeks and customers purchasing the membership will receive episodes as soon as they are available. To find out where we are in the publishing schedule currently, please visit our free lesson area.

**The £GBP price quoted includes VAT at 20% for all EU customers. The $USD price quoted is an approximate calculation based on £GBP price exclusive of VAT. The exact $USD price will be calculated automatically at checkout based on current exchange rates. To pay in $USD please select WorldPay as your payment provider at checkout.

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