The Coffee Break French Companion
Season 4, Book 1

The perfect companion for students of Coffee Break French Season 4: review grammar points, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions with this ebook, the accompanying exercises and audio files.

Background to The Companion

Coffee Break French Season 4 has been one of most popular seasons yet, allowing learners to study complex grammar, build their vocabulary and get to know a huge range of idiomatic expressions, all blended together in an enjoyable story featuring our characters Sylvie, her mother Monique, her new boyfriend Matthieu and his best friend Gabrielle.

Like any book, TV show or movie, the language you experience is not organised in a structured way: complex grammar points come up in the text because of the story, rather than the idea of "today's lesson is on the subjunctive". To help learners get to grips with the grammar in a more structured way, we've put together the Coffee Break French Season 4 Companion.

Currently available:

Season 4 - Book 1, covering the grammar, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions featured in lessons 1-10 of Coffee Break French Season 4.

Topics covered include:

  • Using 'depuis'
  • Subjunctive triggers
  • Preceding direct object agreements
  • Possessive pronouns
  • C'est dommage que ...
  • Penser à / penser de quelque chose
  • En avoir marre (de quelque chose)
  • Tomber sur quelqu'un
  • Avoir expressions

and much more!

Book 1 contains:

  • eBook

    A 67-page ebook featuring in-depth explanations of the grammar points, interesting vocabulary and idiomatic expressions covered in lessons 1-10. Examples from the episodes are given with translations and notes, and additional examples of the words, phrases and grammar points in context are provided.

  • Exercises

    Every chapter in the book includes exercises to help you test your understanding. Suggested answers for all exercises are provided.

  • Audio tracks

    Each chapter of the book has an accompanying audio track – think of it as a mini podcast. The audio tracks provide an alternative way to access the information and offer worked examples of the translation challenges in each chapter. Total running time: 2 hours.

  • Bonus: musical review

    As a special bonus we’ve included a musical track with a selection of the key phrases from the lesson to help you review the language and test your understanding and translation skills in a fun way.

Try it for yourself: sample downloads

Download a sample chapter and accompanying audio file below.

  • Chapter 3 - Possessive Pronouns
    Chapter 3 - Possessive Pronouns

    Sample chapter in pdf format. This chapter covers possessive pronouns and how they differ from possessive adjectives. It includes examples of the possessive pronouns in use and two exercises to help you check your understanding.

  • Chapter 3 audio track
    Chapter 3 audio track

    The audio track for chapter three provides an alternative way to access the information and includes clips from the Coffee Break French episodes and additional examples of the possessive pronouns in use.

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