kindle-cbs-14-800Thank you for purchasing Coffee Break Spanish Part 14 (lessons 66-70) for your Kindle. To get the most out of our course, we would suggest that you use the audio lessons as you read the ebook.

Download the audio lessons to your Kindle

You can now download the audio lessons to your Kindle using the links below.

Lesson 66 audio link: Download mp3
Lesson 67 audio link: Download mp3
Lesson 68 audio link: Download mp3
Lesson 69 audio link: Download mp3
Lesson 70 audio link: Download mp3


If you’re viewing this page on a Kindle then you won’t be able to download the mp3 files directly to your Kindle using the link above. Instead, you should access this page on your computer and download each audio file, then transfer them to your Kindle using the instructions below. Please note that it may be best to transfer one file at a time to your Kindle device, eg. when you’re working on lesson 1, transfer the file for lesson 1 only. The Kindle music player does not provide any visual clue as to which audio file you are listening to, so it may be easier to have only one lesson on your device at a time.

Transferring the audio lesson to your Kindle

  1. Download the audio file for each lesson to your computer. Links are provided in the ebooks.
  2. Connect your Kindle to the computer and drag the the downloaded file to your Kindle’s music folder.
  3. Disconnect your Kindle from the computer. If you’re not already on the Home screen, press the Home button.
  4. Press the Menu button, navigate to Experimental and select it.
  5. Navigate down to select Play music.
  6. To pause the audio, hold down Alt and press the space bar. Use this same key combination to start the audio again.

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