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Coffee Break French is available in four levels, providing materials for absolute beginners up to advanced learners of French. For more information about Coffee Break French, click the button below.

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Coffee Break Spanish is available in four levels, from beginner to advanced. For more information about what you can learn in the Coffee Break Spanish series, please click the button below.

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Our Coffee Break Italian course is currently available in two levels and is aimed at beginners to intermediate learners. For more information about Coffee Break Italian, please click the button below.

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Our Coffee Break German course is currently available in two levels and is aimed at beginners to intermediate learners. For more information about Coffee Break German, click the button below.

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Coffee Break Chinese launches in 2017 and is aimed at complete beginners wishing to learn the basics of Mandarin Chinese. For more information about Coffee Break Chinese, click the button below.

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We also offer "espresso shots" in a range of languages from Arabic to Zulu! Try out any of our One Minute Language courses by clicking on the courses below. Each course comprises ten lessons of just 2-3 minutes, and you'll learn basic greetings, introductions, how to say you only speak a little of the language and many other words and phrases which will help you get by.

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Key features of Radio Lingua courses

  • Audio and video lessons

    Courses feature audio and/or video materials which introduce the language in short, manageable chunks: just the right length for a coffee break!

  • Structured courses

    All our courses are carefully structured and you’ll make progress by building on what you learn in each lesson. We’ll focus on what you need to know!

  • Lesson notes

    Every one of our courses includes comprehensive lesson notes which include all the language covered, with bonus vocabulary and exercises where appropriate.

  • Award-winning content

    You’ll be following our award-winning courses taught by experienced teachers who will use their knowledge of the language to help you make solid progress and to build your understanding.

  • Learn where it suits you

    You’ll be able to access our course either by streaming the content or by downloading it to your device. Take your learning with you on the go and learn where and when it suits you.

  • Relaxed style

    It’s just like going for a coffee with your friend who happens to speak French / Spanish / German etc. Each course features a learner just like you, so you won’t feel out of your depth.

Frequently Asked Questions (with Answers!)

  • Q.Do you offer free samples?

    A.Yes! In fact lots of the audio content of our basic courses is available on iTunes, on Soundcloud and Spotify. We also offers premium versions of our courses and you can access samples at the Coffee Break Academy.

  • Q.Can I pay USD / Euros / AUD?

    A.We provide prices on the Coffee Break Academy in both £GBP and $USD. You can, however, pay with any major currency and conversions will take place at the time of purchase based on current exchange rates. For all pricing, please see the relevant product in the Coffee Break Academy.

  • Q.Do the courses work on iOS / Android?

    A.Yes, our courses are made up of audio, video and PDF files which can be viewed on Macs, PCs, iOS and Android devices. In some cases you may need a third party app to access the content, but we’ll explain what you need on the product page.

  • Q.Will you do a Coffee Break Russian / Portuguese, etc.?

    A.We’d love to produce Coffee Break courses in every language, but as a small company we’re a bit limited as to what we can take on. We do have a number of projects in the pipeline, so stay tuned, and make sure you’re signed up to our mailing list to get all the latest information.

  • Q.Where is Radio Lingua based?

    A.We’re a Scottish company, based in the southwest of Scotland. Currently there are only two full-time and a number of part-time members of staff, but we work with a team of native speakers and teachers from around the world, producing over 30 shows across 26 languages.

  • Q.Do you offer schools licences?

    A.We do indeed! Please visit our sister website Radio Lingua Schools where you can find out more about our offerings for the education market, including the very popular High Five French and High Five Spanish courses for children.

What are other people saying
about Radio Lingua courses?

In trying to retrieve my french from high school many moons ago I'm finding the manner in which the subjects are introduced and the pace to be fantastic. I find myself looking forward to listening to the next lesson and finding it informative and easy to keep pace with while driving. I can easily see that I'll be using much of what I'm learning/relearning here in the near future.

anotre_BobTheBuilder, Coffee Break French iTunes Review

As a Scot living and working in France with very little French language ability, I enrolled the help of a private French tutor. She told me on day one that it was mandatory for me to listen to Coffee Break French to complement her teaching. And how right she was! Very well paced for a beginner, the lessons are very clear and well laid-out and Mark and Anna are instantly likeable. Now my wife is listening to Coffee Break Spanish just for fun and says it is equally as good.

Steve7292, Coffee Break French iTunes Review

A fantastic resource for the independent learner. Clear and concise, you can learn whilst relaxing or travelling. Ideal for the beginner, not too much at once and you can take your time. ¡Gracias!

lmhtob, Coffee Break Spanish iTunes Review

Mark and Kara are such a pleasure to listen to and I love how Kara is learning too, so we learn from her errors as well, especially in pronunciation. I also especially appreciate how Mark gives both the European pronunciation as well as the Latin American version. As I am from America, most of my contact is with Latin American speakers, but it is good to know the difference.

ItsElaine, Coffee Break Spanish iTunes Review

Guten abend CBG! I already have my new German dictionary in anticipation of learning German with Mark, Thomas, Kirsten and julia. I am especially looking forward to the grammar and culture parts of the podcast. I am a premium member of CBS and will of course continue to improve my Spanish with all the materials provided by Radio Lingua. Long may these courses continue as they are brilliant.

Ramos Fae Santos, Coffee Break German Facebook Post

Coffee Break French is my second language course from Radio Lingua Network. I started learning Spanish with Coffee Break Spanish earlier this year and have since upgraded to the Premium Edition. As a consequence of this terrific program, I have made great progress in learning Spanish. Recently I have decided that it was time to re-learn French. As a child I learned French in school and was quite adept by the time I was in High School. But that was many years ago and I haven't used French in about three decades. I am delighted to say that, thanks to this wonderful program, my French is rapidly re-emerging and blossoming. Mark is an amazing linguist and a terrific teacher. Anna is delightful and witty. Her French accent is really nice. The format is perfect for adult learning. I strongly recommend Coffee Break French for anyone who wants to learn (or re-learn) French. Indeed, I give my strongest recommendation for any of the products by the Radio Lingua Network.

Reylf96, Coffee Break French US iTunes Review