Give the Gift of Language!

Give the Gift of Language!

If you’d like to give the gift of a new language to a friend or loved one, use the form below. This service is provided for the Coffee Break Academy through the Gift Up! platform. Choose the appropriate course from the menu below, complete the details required and choose whether you’d like the gift to be sent immediately or on a future date. The recipient will receive an email with a coupon code which they can then use to create a new account on the Coffee Break Academy, or add a course to an existing account. This is a completely automated process, so there’s no waiting for the Coffee Break team to send you the Gift Card. When you process your payment, the recipient will receive the code immediately, or alternatively you can choose the date on which the email will be sent.

VAT / Tax

For all courses sold on the Coffee Break Academy, Value Added Tax (VAT) is automatically added at the time of purchase, based on the location of the customer. Since we are based in the UK which is in the European Union, all customers in the European Union currently pay VAT at the local rate. To ensure that the recipient of your Gift Card is not liable for any VAT payment, please choose the correct Gift Card below either for Recipients in the EU (including VAT) or Recipients outside the EU (excluding VAT).

Currency of Purchase

On the Coffee Break Academy we normally sell all our courses in £GBP and $USD. However, the Gift Card platform we are using provides pricing in only one currency, so all Gift Cards are sold in £GBP. You can purchase a Gift Card from anywhere in the world. To check the current exchange rates, please use this link. The actual exchange rate will be very similar to this, but will depend on the exchange rate as determined by the Payment Processor Stripe at the exact time of purchase.