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Coffee Break Spanish is currently available in four levels, represented by each “season”. Each season features 40 lessons.

Absolute beginners

Your first steps

Your first steps

Learn to use Spanish when travelling, ordering food & drinks, making friends and shopping in a Spanish-speaking country.
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Taking it further

Taking it further

Build your knowledge from Season 1, learn to use Spanish grammar to "say what you want to say" and become more confident.
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Upper Intermediate

Build your knowledge

Build your knowledge

Extend your range of language by building your knowledge of more complex grammar through authentic and engaging materials.
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Moving on

Moving on

Expand your vocabulary and your understanding of complex grammar through advanced materials.
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Each series is slightly different in the way in which it is presented and in the materials provided. Scroll down for more information and to find out about our En Marcha course.

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Free podcasts

Each Season of Coffee Break Spanish offers a huge amount of free content available as audio podcasts. You can access these on our website, on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify and each lesson lasts around 15-20 minutes - the perfect Coffee Break length!

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If you'd like to take your learning further and make faster progress, we offer a full online course for each Season. Resources include bonus audio materials, video episodes and lesson notes. See below for further details for each Season.

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$ 104
One-off purchase
  • 40 Audio lessons
  • 40 Bonus audio lessons
  • 40 Video lessons
  • 40 Lesson notes

The £GBP price quoted above includes VAT for the UK. VAT is added automatically at the local rate for customers purchasing within the EU. Customers from elsewhere in the world will not pay VAT. Please note also that we offer bundles of multiple seasons on the Coffee Break Academy.

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Season 1

Join teacher Mark and learner Kara for 40 lessons of basic Spanish. You’ll start by learning to introduce yourself and master greetings, and then work through a range of topics which are useful to anyone travelling in a Spanish-speaking area. You’ll not simply be repeating phrases: instead you’ll learn how the language works and you’ll understand what you’re saying.

Topics include greetings, introducing yourself, talking about your family, your likes and dislikes and your job. You’ll also learn to use Spanish in a variety of transactional situations, including ordering food and drinks, using public transport, asking for directions, going shopping and much more.

The premium version of Season 1 includes bonus materials to help you make faster progress with your learning. In addition to the main audio lesson, you’ll also have access to a video version of this lesson where you’ll see the words on the screen of your device. There’s also a bonus audio episode and comprehensive lesson notes to help you get to grips with the language taught. This course is available on the Coffee Break Academy.

Season 2

In Season 2 you’ll build your understanding of Spanish, moving on from a beginner’s level to an intermediate level. You’ll learn about how the language works and to “say what you want to say”, manipulating the language in a variety of tenses. You’ll join learner Kara and teacher Mark, and cover a range of topics, building a solid understanding of Spanish grammar through the lessons of Season 2.

Season 2 puts Spanish grammar into a range of contexts. For example you’ll learn to use the present tense to make arrangements and talk about your daily routine. You’ll also learn to use past tenses and how to describe things using adjectives. You’ll build on the transactional areas of vocabulary covered in Season 1 and apply your new-found knowledge of the language to these areas.

The premium version of Season 2 are similar to those of Season 1 and these bonus materials will help you make faster progress with your learning. In addition to the main audio lesson, you’ll also have access to a video version of this lesson where you’ll see the words on the screen of your device. There’s also a bonus audio episode and comprehensive lesson notes to help you get to grips with the language taught. This course is available on the Coffee Break Academy.

Season 3

Season 3 will help you take your Spanish a stage further, to an upper intermediate level. You’ll join cohosts, teacher Mark and native speaker Alba for a series of conversations about a range of interesting topics. You’ll also enjoy our Spanish soap opera, Verano Español where you’ll hear examples of the language you’re learning in each episode.

Season 3 covers a range of cultural topics in the conversations between Mark and Alba. The soap opera provides an opportunity to hear the language used in everyday contexts. Learning a language is about building your range of language structures and by following these stories you’ll do just that. In terms of grammar, we’ll cover the future and conditional, help you build your confidence with past tenses, and you’ll also learn about a variety of grammar points.

The online course for Season 3 includes additional materials to help you make faster progress with the language. In addition to each main audio lesson, you’ll also be able to use the lesson guide and transcript for each lesson, and the “Encore” audio episode which provides translation challenges based on what you’ve learned.

Season 4

Season 4 is aimed at advanced students of Spanish. You’ll be following the story of Spanish speaker María, her Spanish-speaking Scottish boyfriend, Rory, and his Argentinian friend, Alejandro and how they spend their summer on the Balearic island of Mallorca. The series is presented by teacher Mark and native speaker Carmen.

You will get to know the characters – and more – through their emails, phone conversations and letters. Through the exchanges you’ll cover a huge range of topics, and build your understanding of tricky Spanish grammar points including the subjunctive, various pronouns and much more.

The course includes two audio episodes per lesson. In the first of these, Carmen and Mark pick out the interesting language points included in the text. In the second audio episode you’ll be able to test yourself with a series of translations. The online course also features the full transcript of the audio, along with vocabulary and explanations.

En Marcha con Coffee Break Spanish

For intermediate/advanced learners we also offer En Marcha con Coffee Break Spanish. In this ten-lesson series you’ll join the Coffee Break team “en marcha” in the south of Spain, around the city of Málaga and you’ll listen to interviews with people who live or work in the area. These conversations feature authentic Spanish, with a whole range of different accents and speeds of delivery, so it’s the perfect way to improve your listening comprehension.

Each episode of En Marcha centres around a different topic, from local tourist attractions to culinary specialities. You’ll discover the local area and its history and culture, and you’ll be filled with the desire to visit this area for yourself to try out your own Spanish!

The online course for En Marcha offers additional materials in the form of extended audio episodes and bonus interviews, all of which have full transcripts provided with notes and explanations about the language used where necessary. There’s also exclusive video content which will help you get to know the area that bit better – and practise your Spanish at the same time.

The Coffee Break Spanish Magazine

Each episode of the Magazine focuses on a different topic. In addition the episdoes include a phone-in segment where the Coffee Break team will answer listeners’ questions.

Season 3 onwards of the Magazine focus on cultural topics including music, food and interesting places to visit in the Spanish-speaking world. In earlier seasons, the Magazine features interviews with native speakers.

The online course for the Coffee Break Spanish Magazine offers additional text materials to support the audio lessons. These include transcripts and notes, vocabulary lists and exercises.

Our latest lessons

We publish regular lessons both in the Coffee Break Spanish podcast feed and on our YouTube channel. Here’s a selection of our most recent lessons.

Looking for more practice in reading Spanish?

Click here to find out more about the Coffee Break Reading Club. We’ll send you a text every week straight to your inbox and you can build your understanding of Spanish through learning about culture from around the Spanish-speaking world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coffee Break Spanish is a production of the Radio Lingua Network and we produce all Coffee Break Languages courses, along with One Minute Languages and High Five Languages for younger learners. The Radio Lingua team is made up of experienced teachers and native speakers and we’re based in Glasgow, Scotland. To find out more about the team, visit our Meet The Team section of the website.

First of all, Spanish is a world language and it’s almost impossible to classify it simply as “Spain Spanish” and “Latin American Spanish”. There are many different accents throughout Spain, and each country in Spanish-speaking America has its own variety. In the early lessons of Coffee Break we aim to simplify things by focusing on one system of pronunciation. Since teacher Mark has lived in Spain he uses Spain Spanish. However, we quickly start to introduce alternative terms as they are used elsewhere in the Spanish-speaking world. The crucial point is that, equipped with the Spanish you learn with Coffee Break, you’ll be able to speak to any Spanish speaker from anywhere in the world!

We offer free content in the form of audio podcasts for each of the seasons of Coffee Break Spanish. In the audio podcasts you’ll be able to build your understanding of French and hear how words are pronounced. However, there’s no guidance on how the words are written. This is where the online course comes in. The course offers additional materials:

  • full versions of each audio lesson;
  • a video version of the lesson which allows you to see the “words on the screen” as you listen* (Seasons 1 and 2 only);
  • bonus audio content allowing you to consolidate your learning futher;
  • lesson notes for Seasons 1-3 and transcripts for Season 4 and En Marcha.

If you’re serious about learning Spanish we would suggest that you consider the online course to help you make faster progress with the lessons and build a deeper understanding of the language.

*Please note that the video lessons currently feature only in Season 1 and 2 courses. We plan to add video versions of the Season 3 and 4 lessons in the future.

Our audio podcasts are free and you can access them here on the website, on your favourite podcast app, or on Spotify. We offer a paid online course which provides additional materials. The cost for one season is £96.00 GBP including VAT, or $104.00 USD excluding VAT. Please see above for further information on pricing.

We do not currently have an app version of Coffee Break Spanish. In the past we have had problems with a group of developers who have stolen our content and published it within paid-for apps. These apps are not published by Coffee Break Languages. We’ve written extensively about this situation on our website. Please do not purchase our content through these apps. The only way to access Coffee Break Spanish lesson notes, bonus audio and video versions is through the Coffee Break Academy.

The Coffee Break Spanish Masterclass is a special 6-month course which normally runs twice a year. This is a guided course in which intermediate learners can build their confidence and understanding of grammar in a structured way. We provide individual feedback on homework activities, and the course features six modules covering a range of topics. To find out when the next Masterclass is running, click here.

We do not currently offer one-on-one Skype lessons. If this is something which interests you, we would suggest that you sign up with our partner italki where you can access individual teachers and native speakers to practise your Spanish. Visit to get a voucher for $10 USD in italki Credits when you purchase your first lesson.

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