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Introducing Coffee Break German

Alles, was du brauchst!

Coffee Break German is indeed everything you need to learn German, whether you're an absolute beginner or you're returning to German to refresh your knowlege. You'll be accompanied by experienced teachers throughout your Coffee Break German experience, so you'll make solid progress and build your range of expression and mastery of German grammar quickly.

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More information about Coffee Break German

Find out more about the different varieties of Coffee Break German in the table below.

Learn the basics of German with Coffee Break German Season 1. Learner Mark joins native speaker Thomas for this 40-lesson course in German. Julia brings regular Cultural Correspondent segments and the team is joined by Kirsten for her Grammar Guru input. You'll learn to communicate in German in a variety of situations encountered when travelling in a German-speaking area. You'll also gain an understanding of how German works and you'll be able to apply what you know to communicate effectively with native speakers.

Access the free audio lessons here. If you'd like to make faster progress and deepen your understanding of German, the premium version of Coffee Break German Season 1 is available in the Coffee Break Academy and features 40 video lessons, bonus audio materials and lesson notes for every lesson.

Coffee Break German Season 2 will help you take your learning to the next level. You'll develop your understanding of German grammar, increase your range of vocabulary and, most importantly, you'll learn to manipulate the language and be able to say exactly what you want to say, rather than relying on set phrases. Learner Mark is joined by teacher Andrea and Julia is back with regular Cultural Correspondent segments throughout the 40-lesson course.

Access the Season 2 free audio lessons here. Coffee Break German Season 2 is also available in a premium version which features video lessons, bonus audio and comprehensive lesson guides. Please note that as of February 2017, Coffee Break German Season 2 episodes are being published every two weeks, so purchasing premium access will enable you to access each lesson as it becomes available.

Season 1 on the Coffee Break Academy
Season 2 on the Coffee Break Academy

Key features of Coffee Break German

  • Audio and video lessons

    Courses feature audio and/or video materials which introduce the language in short, manageable chunks: just the right length for a coffee break!

  • Structured courses

    All our courses are carefully structured and you’ll make progress by building on what you learn in each lesson. We’ll focus on what you need to know!

  • Lesson notes

    Every one of our courses includes comprehensive lesson notes which include all the language covered, with bonus vocabulary and exercises where appropriate.

  • Award-winning content

    You’ll be following our award-winning courses taught by experienced teachers who will use their knowledge of the language to help you make solid progress and to build your understanding.

  • Learn where it suits you

    You’ll be able to access our course either by streaming the content or by downloading it to your device. Take your learning with you on the go and learn where and when it suits you.

  • Relaxed style

    It’s just like going for a coffee with your friend who happens to speak German. Each course features a learner just like you, so you won’t feel out of your depth.

Also available...

You may be interested in our other German courses for beginners and more advanced learners.

One Minute German

One Minute German is a quick introduction to the German language which features ten lessons of just 2-3 minutes each. In this course you'll learn to greet people, introduce yourself, count from 1-10 and use a number of useful words and phrases to help you get by. If you haven't got time for a relaxing coffee break, try our quick espresso shot!

Buy One Minute German
A Flavour of German

Aimed at more advanced speakers who wish to develop their range of expression, A Flavour of German focuses on idiomatic expressions. Each episode covers a different theme, from weather to luck, from anger to love, and the phrases are discussed in context. A Flavour of German is presented by teacher and native speaker Julia and learner Mark.

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What are other people saying
about Coffee Break German?

Definitely I believe the premium Coffee Break German is worth it, especially because the spelling and pronunciation in German are often quite different from English, so it helps to see how the words are actually spelled. The PDF files and video versions of the podcasts are very helpful and well designed.

Florence Lim Erman, Coffee Break German Facebook comment

CBG is a fantastic language course. You are not only learning the vocabulary and grammar, but also interesting facts about German speaking countries, food, culture etc. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a fun and easy way to learn german language.

GosiaHerman, Coffee Break German US iTunes Review

Really impressive program. I was using the free podcast for the first few lessons, then upgraded to the paid subscription. The video flashcards are extremely helpful and the grammar guru sections are a nice break from the dialogue. The whole thing is professional and polished. A real pleasure to study with-- recommended.

- TexasBrink, Coffee Break German US iTunes Review

Having not studied languages since I left school almost 20 years ago, I decided to put my daily commute to work to good use and start learning some new languages. I found this Coffee Break series and have been listening to the Spanish, French, German podcasts. It's been a pleasure to listen to Mark and the team and a recent family holiday to Switzerland and France was made so much more enjoyable by being able to speak a little of the languages! I've just been one a premium member of the French series and will do the same in time for Spanish and German. Thank you for the great work you do. Keep it up!

Matt Deighton, Coffee Break German UK iTunes Review

As an advanced Spanish speaker and intermediate in French, I have used Radio Lingua's show- Time Spanish and Coffee Break French. However, I barely knew a single word of German before embarking on Coffee Break German course. Each lesson is well structured with conversation, vocabulary and essential grammar. The Cultural Correspondent feature is an interesting edition - definitely the right decision. The video falshcards are particularly useful as you see the words written as they are spoken. The bonus audio has more conversation and vocabulary, together with a useful test. The written lesson guide builds into an excellent textbook. This is the best Radio Lingua product I have come across and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking to learn, or improve, their German.

dfcw2002, Coffee Break German UK iTunes Review