Make your downtime your “do” time and learn French in your coffee break (or at the gym, walking the dog, stuck in traffic…)

At Coffee Break Languages we believe that you can learn French from scratch, or polish up your rusty French, simply by following a course which fits around your busy life. Whether you use your 20 minute commute to work, or whether you take advantage of learning opportunities while you’re doing the garden or household chores, you can use Coffee Break French to maximise your learning.

What is Coffee Break French?

Coffee Break French logoCoffee Break French is first and foremost a podcast which you can listen to on your computer or a mobile device. We’ve organised hundreds of lessons into “seasons”, just like a Netflix series. These audio lessons will allow you to progress from an absolute beginner to an advanced student of the language.

In each episode you’ll join expert teacher Mark and a variety of learners and native speakers. In the early lessons you’ll be eavesdropping on lessons in which Mark teaches student Anna, and you’re the “second student in the room”. As the course progresses you’ll meet other learners and native speakers.

In addition to our free podcasts, we also offer premium courses which include video lessons, comprehensive lesson notes and bonus audio materials, helping you take your learning further and providing an all-round language learning experience.

Whether you’re looking to learn the language because you’re travelling to a French-speaking area for work, you’ve bought a property, or your simply love all things French, we have the course which will help you build your knowledge, understand the language and know what to say, when you need to say it.


You can listen to our podcasts on your phone / tablet / computer. Subscribe to the podcasts, or access our different seasons on our website using the links below:

  • Season 1 podcasts – absolute beginners, covering transactional language needed when travelling in France
  • Season 2 podcasts – taking the language further with a focus on the patterns of French, helping you to manipulate the language and say what you want to say
  • Season 3 podcasts – for intermediate students who want to build their confidence and range of expression in French
  • Season 4 podcasts – for advanced students looking to become more fluent and master a wide range of grammar and idiomatic language
  • En Route avec Coffee Break French – our current season for intermediate/advanced learners looking for listening practice through fascinating conversations

Premium Courses

Our premium courses provide extended versions of the audio lessons, video versions, comprehensive lesson notes and bonus listening materials to help you take the language further and learn more effectively.

Click on the image below to access our courses in the Coffee Break Academy.

Coffee Break French on the Coffee Break Academy


Take our free trial

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Feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions.

Bonne continuation with your French learning – and remember, a little language can go a very long way!

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