Welcome to the step-by-step guide to Coffee Break Spanish. In this final series of ten lessons, you’ll get the chance to improve your understanding of what you’ve already learned through a story involving Andrew, and English student who is in Spain learning Spanish, and María-José, his Spanish friend. You’ll learn some new grammar points including the future and conditional tenses and you’ll also be introduced to the present subjunctive. To access the lesson guides and additional materials, please purchase a premium pass.

Coffee Break Spanish: Lessons 71-80
Lesson 71
Talking about where you come from. Download mp3
Lesson 72
Talking about the weather using different tenses.
Download mp3
Lesson 73
Talking about birthdays using the future tense; formation of the future tense.
Download mp3
Lesson 74
Ordering food and drink in a café. Introducing the conditional tense. Download mp3
Lesson 75
Talking about pastimes; the imperative (command form).
Download mp3
Lesson 76
Writing a letter; talking about different parts of Spain.
Download mp3
Lesson 77
The Canary Islands; review of past tenses.
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Lesson 78
Introduction to the present subjunctive – formation and use. Download mp3
Lesson 79
Asking for directions; imperative; the subjunctive.
Download mp3
Lesson 80
Final lesson: saying goodbye; review of various tenses and grammar points.
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Please note that the download links above are for the original versions of the lessons which were first published in 2008. Coffee Break Spanish is currently being rebroadcast and lessons are being updated on a weekly basis. As the new lessons become available, the links will be updated. Until then, the lessons below will not feature in the public iTunes feed but will be available as part of the premium iTunes feed.


Lesson 80 represents the final lesson of Coffee Break Spanish. If you’ve completed this course, you may wish to try our intermediate-advanced Spanish course, Show Time Spanish.

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