Welcome to the step-by-step guide to Coffee Break Spanish. Lessons 61-66 deal with more aspects of Spanish grammar, and help you build your confidence further in what you already know. Lessons 67-70 return to transactional language, allowing you to construct the language necessary to deal with a number of common situations. To access the lesson guides and additional materials, please purchase a premium pass.

Coffee Break Spanish: Lessons 61-70
Lesson 61
Birthdays; introducing por and para (two words meaning ‘for’). Download mp3
Lesson 62
More on para; birthday vocabulary.
Download mp3
Lesson 63
More on por.
Download mp3
Lesson 64
Introducing the perfect tense. Download mp3
Lesson 65
Key phrases which trigger the perfect tense; using the word ya.
Download mp3
Lesson 66
More on the perfect tense.
Download mp3
Lesson 67
Using public transport.
Download mp3
Lesson 68
Using taxis. Download mp3
Lesson 69
Hiring a car; practice of the double ‘r’ sound.
Download mp3
Lesson 70
Making telephone calls in Spanish.
Download mp3

Please note that the download links above are for the original versions of the lessons which were first published in 2008. Coffee Break Spanish is currently being rebroadcast and lessons are being updated on a weekly basis. As the new lessons become available, the links will be updated. Until then, the lessons below will not feature in the public iTunes feed but will be available as part of the premium iTunes feed.


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