Welcome to the step-by-step guide to Coffee Break Spanish. Lessons 51-60 move further into the patterns of the Spanish language and introduce new tenses and grammatical concepts. You’ll learn to talk about the future and the past, and learn the preterite and imperfect tenses. To access the lesson guides and additional materials, please purchase a premium pass.

Coffee Break Spanish: Lessons 51-60
Lesson 51
Talking about the future; using the immediate future ir a + infinitive; New Year Resolutions. Access lesson
Lesson 52
Review of present tense of -ar, -er and -ir verbs; radical changing verbs; reflexive verbs.
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Lesson 53
Talking about the past; time phrases associated with the preterite; preterite tense or -ar verbs.
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Lesson 54
Talking about the past; the preterite tense of -er and -ir verbs. Access lesson
Lesson 55
Preterite tense of some irregular verbs: hacer, ir, ver and dar; indirect object pronouns.
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Lesson 56
Reflexive verbs and radical changing verbs in the preterite.
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Lesson 57
Identity quiz and more verbs in the preterite.
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Lesson 58
Talking more about the past; using the imperfect tense; combining the preterite with the imperfect; forming the imperfect of -ar verbs.
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Lesson 59
The imperfect tense of -er and -ir verbs; irregular verbs in the imperfect: ir, ver and ser.
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Lesson 60
Test on all the grammar of lessons 41-60.
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