Introducing Coffee Break French

Tout ce dont vous avez besoin!

Coffee Break French is indeed everything you need to learn French, whether you're an absolute beginner or a more experienced learner wishing to build your confidence in spoken and written French. You'll be accompanied by experienced teachers throughout your Coffee Break French experience, so you'll make solid progress and build your range of expression and mastery of French grammar quickly.

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Key features of Coffee Break French

  • Audio and video lessons

    Courses feature audio and/or video materials which introduce the language in short, manageable chunks: just the right length for a coffee break!

  • Structured courses

    All our courses are carefully structured and you’ll make progress by building on what you learn in each lesson. We’ll focus on what you need to know!

  • Lesson notes

    Every one of our courses includes comprehensive lesson notes which include all the language covered, with bonus vocabulary and exercises where appropriate.

  • Award-winning content

    You’ll be following our award-winning courses taught by experienced teachers who will use their knowledge of the language to help you make solid progress and to build your understanding.

  • Learn where it suits you

    You’ll be able to access our course either by streaming the content or by downloading it to your device. Take your learning with you on the go and learn where and when it suits you.

  • Relaxed style

    It’s just like going for a coffee with your friend who happens to speak French. Each course features a learner just like you, so you won’t feel out of your depth.

What are other people saying
about Coffee Break French?

I just wanted to say how much I love your programs and I'm constantly talking about them. I just returned from a really long trip to Europe for work armed with Coffee Break French. It was fantastic! If only these materials were so easily accessible when I was a kid I might speak them all by now. Keep up the great work and thank you!

Justin Gould, Coffee Break French Facebook comment

In trying to retrieve my french from high school many moons ago I'm finding the manner in which the subjects are introduced and the pace to be fantastic. I find myself looking forward to listening to the next lesson and finding it informative and easy to keep pace with while driving. I can easily see that I'll be using much of what I'm learning/relearning here in the near future.

anotre_BobTheBuilder, Coffee Break French iTunes Review

As a Scot living and working in France with very little French language ability, I enrolled the help of a private French tutor. She told me on day one that it was mandatory for me to listen to Coffee Break French to complement her teaching. And how right she was! Very well paced for a beginner, the lessons are very clear and well laid-out and Mark and Anna are instantly likeable. Now my wife is listening to Coffee Break Spanish just for fun and says it is equally as good.

Steve7292, Coffee Break French iTunes Review

Season 4 is very challenging, and very rewarding. The tag team of Mark and Pierre-Benoît energizes the process perfectly. For an adult learner... this approach brings the language to life.

Alan D'Augustine, Coffee Break French Facebook comment

I tried a couple of other French courses before this one but found that they moved too fast for me or expected my learning ability to be intermediate plus. I haven’t studied French since GCSEs (10 years ago), and so my knowledge was very basic. CBF’s pace gave me the confidence to build up my skills and the lessons are all really applicable to the real world.

Hanabat, Coffee Break French iTunes Review

I just discovered this last week and have been addicted to Coffee Break French ever since. I’ve listened to 11 lessons in the past week. I love Mark and Anna. The dynamic between them both is so charming and professional and the fact that Anna is also learning makes me feel more comfortable in my difficulties learning pronunciation. They are so much fun to listen to, with those adorable Scottish accents, and their French accents are amazing. This podcast is great for beginners and the pace is perfect.

SDIana, Coffee Break French iTunes Review