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Coffee Break French

Are you ready to take your French to a whole new level? Are you looking to develop your understanding of the more difficult aspects of the French language? Are you ready for un vrai défi - a real challenge?

An outline of the course

In forty serialised lessons you'll follow the story of Sylvie, who is working at a Parisian publishing company, and Matthieu, a young accountant, also working in the city. Sylvie and Matthieu have recently arrived in the capital and don't know anyone (or each other) at the start of our story. Sylvie shares her experience with her somewhat over-protective mother, Monique, and Matthieu confides in his best friend, Gabrielle through regular emails.

The course is presented by Coffee Break French teacher-in-residence, Mark Pentleton, who is joined by native speaker and francophone-extraordinaire, Pierre-Benoît Hériaud. You'll join Mark and Pierre-Benoît in weekly discussions of the emails between our four characters in which they discuss the language contained in the texts.


How does it work?

In each episode you'll listen to a recording of the email, always read by native speakers at normal speaking speed. You'll be able to listen first to get the gist of the text and recognise familiar words and expressions. Using the lesson materials you can then delve deeper into the language as Mark and Pierre-Benoît guide you through the interesting vocabulary, the idiomatic expressions and the tricky nuances of French grammar.

The course is presented in a combination of French and English, but a full transcript is provided, so you'll be able to follow everything said by the presenters.  The "Language Study" episode also includes a slower version of the recorded texts, making it easier to understand every word of our characters' emails.

Made by lovers of French - for lovers of French!

You should only consider this course if you regard yourself as a true amant
of the beautiful French language and all its idiomatic expressions,
intricate nuances of meaning and complex grammatical constructions.
You can rest assured you'll be in good company with presenters Mark and Pierre-Benoît!

Watch the video below to find out more.

You may be learning complex French grammatical structures and advanced vocabulary, but it will still feel like going for a coffee with your French-speaking friends!

Each lesson contains:

  • Main Audio Lesson

    Lasting around 15 minutes, this episode introduces the text for the lesson using the normal speed version, Mark provides a brief English summary of the text, and Pierre-Benoît introduces four interesting language points from the text.

  • Transcript

    The course also features a full transcript of each episode, with detailed notes on difficult language points where required.

  • Language Study Audio Lesson

    An additional audio lesson is provided in which Mark and Pierre-Benoît go through the entire text in detail, discussing every aspect of the grammar, idiomatic expressions and new vocabulary. Normally running to around 30 minutes, this episode will help you to understand the entire text.

  • Language Study Transcript

    Throughout the episodes Mark and Pierre-Benoît switch between French and English, keeping you on your toes! Again, there is a full transcript provided of the lesson, so you’ll be able to follow the entire discussion closely, from the detailed dissection of the lesson text, to the introductions and chit-chat between the presenters.

Try it for yourself: sample downloads

We've provided sample files below for the premium materials associated with this product. Please feel free to download these files for one of the forty lessons, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Lesson 7 main audio
    Lesson 7 main audio

    Main audio lesson for lesson 7 of Coffee Break French Season 4 (17 mins): sample download

  • Lesson 7 transcript
    Lesson 7 transcript

    PDF transcript for lesson 7 of Coffee Break French Season 4: sample download.

Get to grips with the grammar!

Throughout the texts presented in this series, you'll be exposed to some of the most difficult aspects of French grammar. However, this is not grammar for the sake of grammar! All points are presented in context and Mark and Pierre-Benoît will provide examples to help you master these complex constructions.

  • Verb tenses

    You’ll find many tenses covered in the texts of Coffee Break French Season 4, from presents, imperfects and futures, to conditional perfects, pluperfects, past historics and much more! As self-confessed grammar geeks, Mark and Pierre-Benoît will explain how the tenses are used, which one to choose when, and how to conjugate them.

  • Become a pronoun pro!

    Do you get your leur mixed up with your leurs? Do you know when to use and en? With Coffee Break French Season 4 you’ll hear many examples of pronouns used in context, and before long you’ll know exactly when it’s ce qui and not ce que, and you’ll be able to use dont without thinking!

  • "Ils se sont parlé" ... or "ils se sont parlés"?

    Which would you put your money on? Should there be an agreement with parlé in this sentence because it’s sort of reflexive? Or is it not really reflexive? And is it direct or indirect? Mark and Pierre-Benoît will help you get to grips with the areas of the French language which challenge even native speakers!

  • The Subjunctive...

    And then there’s the famous subjunctive which often causes learners headaches! However, Coffee Break French Season 4 will help you to know exactly when to use it, and how to avoid it! We’ll look at the conjugation of the subjunctive tenses, and through many examples you’ll develop a sixth sense for knowing when and how to use it.

Accessible where and when you want to learn

Coffee Break Spanish Season 4 is accessible where and when you want to learn. You can download the individual mp3 and pdf documents on your computer, or use our podcast feeds to access the files on iPhones, iPads or Android devices. Take the course with you and learn on the go.

At the moment this season of Coffee Break French is an on-going publication, with episodes being released every two weeks. When you purchase the membership, you'll be able to download immediately all the previously released episodes*, and as each new episode is published you'll have access to the new content. Think of it like a "Season Pass".

Remember, with around 45 minutes of audio content and over thirty pages of transcripts and notes, there is a huge amount of learning content in each lesson, so you can pace yourself and make gradual progress as you master the language of every episode before moving on to the next lesson.

All of this at an affordable price

The complete course is available for just £79.00 GBP (including VAT), or approximately $112.00 USD** (excluding VAT) for non-EU customers. This means that each lesson costs just £1.65 ($2.80 USD) - a lot less than a coffee at your favourite coffee shop!

You're just 90 seconds away from accessing all these resources!

  • Audio lessons to help you take your French to a whole new level
  • Extended audio materials providing in-depth study of the texts
  • Transcripts and language notes to increase your understanding
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Don't just take our word for it!

I can't tell you how much I am enjoying Coffee Break French Season 4 and how much it has helped me improve my French! Every time I am driving in the car I have it on. Recently I did an intermediate level class with Alliance Francaise to improve my conversation, and was very surprised to find that the whole class was conducted in French. I was even more surprised to find that I could understand nearly everything, thanks to CBF. I really appreciate all the work you do in producing the CBF lessons. Would you believe I even understand much more about tenses in English now! Merci beaucoup!

Ros Prasad
Coffee Break French Season 4 Premium Member

Je ne peux pas vous remercier assez pour ce que vous avez fait! C'est tellement chouette! J'ai passé un temps fou en train de bien pratiquer tout ce que vous avez compilé et du coup mon français a beaucoup amélioré . Ça fait 16 mois que je suis en France et en arrivant je ne pouvais pas parler un mot.. Maintenant je peux me débrouiller dans n'importe quel sujet. Pour ceux qui sont vraiment à la recherche du meilleur matériel, je peux vous assurer que "Coffee Break French" les saisons 1 - 4 sont absolument géniales. Merci Mark et Pierre-Benoît, continuez ce que vous faites le mieux; je suis là jusqu'à la fin!

John Daniel Sheppard
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*At the moment Coffee Break French Season 4 is an on-going publication. This means that we are publishing episodes every two weeks and customers purchasing the membership will receive episodes as soon as they are available. To find out where we are in the publishing schedule currently, please visit our free lesson area.

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