Welcome to the step-by-step guide to Coffee Break French. Lessons 41-50 take you right back to the beginning of learning French and start to introduce you to the patterns of the language. You’ll learn about the present tense of regular and some irregular verbs. You’ll also master the irregular verb aller, and learn two cornerstones of the French language: the verbs être (to be) and avoir (to have). In lessons 48-50 you’ll learn to describe people and things in French. To access the lesson guides and additional materials, please purchase a premium pass.

Coffee Break French: Lessons 41-50
Lesson 41
Talking about what you do at the weekend; present tense of -er verbs. Access lesson
Lesson 42
Daily routine; talking about what time you do things.
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Lesson 43
Daily routine; time; reflexive verbs.
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Lesson 44
Making arrangements; regular verbs. Access lesson
Lesson 45
More on making arrangements; ‘going out’ phrases; irregular verb aller.
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Lesson 46
Introducing avoir (to have)and être (to be).
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Lesson 47
Testing your understanding of verbs
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Lesson 48
Adjectives and their agreements.
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Lesson 49
More on adjectives; adjectives which come before the noun.
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Lesson 50
Identity quiz; review of descriptions.
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