Welcome to the step-by-step guide to Coffee Break French. Lessons 31-40 will offer you the chance to put into practice all the language you’ve learned in lessons 1-30. The conversations included in this group of lessons were recorded in France and feature dialogues at near-to-normal speed. By the end of lesson 40 you’ll have listened to a series of dialogues featuring native speakers, covering a range of topics. To access the lesson guides and additional materials, please purchase a premium pass.

Coffee Break French: Lessons 31-40
Lesson 31
Review episode covering lessons 1-30. Access lesson
Lesson 32
Arriving at the airport and getting to the hotel.
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Lesson 33
Arriving at the hotel and solving reservation problems.
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Lesson 34
Ordering breakfast in the hotel and making conversation with other tourists. Access lesson
Lesson 35
Tourist information office; talking about what there is in the town.
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Lesson 36
Shopping for items.
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Lesson 37
Asking for information in the hotel; public transport.
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Lesson 38
At the pharmacy; explaining what is wrong.
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Lesson 39
Conversation with a family on the beach.
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Lesson 40
Talking about languages and language-learning.
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