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The Coffee Break Catch-up: 2 May 2019

Join Coffee Break Founder and CEO Mark for the inaugural edition of the Coffee Break Catch-up, our new weekly show in which we’ll update you on all things Coffee Break Languages. There are discussions on language learning, and a roundup of some of the cultural events happening around the world. In this edition: Mark announces the new Coffee Break Italian


A Postcard for Language-learners from San Diego

You can’t always travel to the country where the language you’re learning is spoken, but whether you’re at home, or travelling in an English-speaking country, it’s still possible to be inspired in your language learning by what’s around you. In this video, Coffee Break host and teacher Mark sends a Coffee Break Postcard for Language Learners from the sunny city


Behind the Scenes with Coffee Break Chinese

Come behind the scenes with the Coffee Break Chinese team. For lessons 31-40 of Coffee Break Chinese, Mark visited Hongyu in Beijing to record conversations to be used in the final batch of lessons of Season 1. In this video you’ll join Mark on his first trip to China in which he visits the Great Wall, Chángchéng, 长城, the Forbidden

Coffee Break Spanish

¿Tienes hijos? ¿Tienes hermanos? – Talking about family in Spanish – Coffee Break Spanish To Go Episode 1.07

In this episode Marina asks the interviews about their families using the question ¿tienes hijos? (do you have children?) or ¿tienes hermanos? (do you have brothers or sisters?). Here are the words and phrases you’ll need: Do you have children? – ¿Tienes hijos? (informal) Do you have children? – ¿Tiene usted hijos? (formal) Do you have brothers or sisters? – ¿Tienes hermanos?

Coffee Break Spanish

¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños? – Talking about birthdays – Coffee Break Spanish To Go Episode 1.06

In this episode Marina’s question is ¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños? – “When is your birthday”. Using the answers you’ll learn to say when your birthday is in Spanish. Here are the words and phrases you’ll need: When is your birthday? – ¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños? (informal) When is your birthday? – ¿Cuándo es su cumpleaños? (formal) My birthday is … Mi cumpleaños es


Celebrating 12 Years of Coffee Break Languages

Here at Radio Lingua we’re celebrating 12 years of Coffee Break Languages today. We launched our first episode of Coffee Break Spanish on 18th October 2006, and since then we’ve gone on to build the company, working with native speakers and teachers, creating new courses and delivering language lessons to learners around the world in over 30 languages. We’ve now

Coffee Break Spanish

¿Dónde vives? – Saying where you live – Coffee Break Spanish To Go Episode 1.04

To say “I live in…” in Spanish you say vivo en…. In this episode of Coffee Break Spanish To Go, Marina asks the question, ¿Dónde vives? (informal) or ¿Dónde vive usted? (formal). You can use the answers of our interviewees to help you learn to say where you’re from in Spanish. In the first part of the video, watch the

Coffee Break French

Coffee Break Travels: on the road in Pornic with Pierre-Benoît

Coffee Break French host Pierre-Benoît invites Mark to join him for a guided tour of his home town, Pornic, in the Loire Atlantique area of France. Put your French to the test with this video, all in French. We’ve provided subtitles in both French and English to help you understand everything. Mark and Pierre-Benoît visit the Nouveau Port, the Pottery

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Mamma Mia Parody! The Story of a Language Learner

Here at Coffee Break Languages the whole team loves ABBA and we’re excited about the launch of Mamma Mia – Here We Go Again. In fact, we were so excited about the new film, we decided to make a parody of Mamma Mia, telling the story of a language learner. Make sure you switch on captions so that you can

Coffee Break Italian

Giving negative commands in Italian – Walk, Talk and Learn Italian Episode 002

Don’t read this! Don’t look at me! Don’t say a word! Don’t watch this video. Well, do watch this video if you want to know how to use negative commands in Italian! Join Coffee Break Italian hosts Francesca and Mark for this latest episode of Walk, Talk and Learn Italian. This episode is based on a notice Mark encounters at

Coffee Break French

“Merci de” or “merci pour”? Walk, Talk and Learn French Episode 002

Is it merci de … or merci pour…? How do you thank someone for something in French? Join Mark from Coffee Break in this Walk, Talk and Learn French video and learn exactly when to use merci de and when to use merci pour. This video was based on the phrase Roland Garros vous remercie d’avoir utilisé les transports en

Coffee Break Italian

Using “da” + infinitive in Italian – Walk, Talk and Learn Italian Episode 001

You can use the preposition da with an infinitive in Italian to talk about something that has to be done, or that is worth doing. Join Coffee Break Italian hosts Francesca and Mark for this first episode of our new series, Walk, Talk and Learn Italian. This episode is based on an advert Mark sees in Milan: Hai un immobile