Episode 7 – Season 4 – Coffee Break Spanish

In the latest episode of our advanced Spanish course we eavesdrop on a conversation between María and Rory about their plans for a weekend away, visiting the town of Valldemossa. As usual the episode is rich in idiomatic expressions and complex grammatical points. In the preview episode available here on the Radio Lingua site, on iTunes and on Soundcloud, you’ll

On Location German – 21 Nov 2012

Hallo! It’s Holly here again with another update from Germany. I am really getting into the swing of things here. One thing that I have definitely noticed is that if you want to be like a German in Münster, you need to get a bike. There are separate red paths which are designated for cyclists, and I can tell you

Spanish WOTD Review, 27 Oct 2012

We’ve been publishing a daily word on Facebook and Twitter and each day we’ve asked our Facebook friends and Twitter followers to post a comment using the word of the day, thereby practising their language skills. This week we’ve been talking about travel and as usual the Radio Lingua community has come up with some excellent examples of this week’s

Coffee Break Spanish Step by Step

Since we introduced our new website we’ve been trying out different ways to offer access to our lessons. We’re very pleased to introduce an easy way to access all the lessons with our new Step by Step Guide to Coffee Break Spanish. Each ‘step’ lists ten lessons and includes information on the language and grammar covered in each of the

Radio Lingua på norsk

I’ve just spent the evening recording the latest in our One Minute Languages series in Sandefjord, Norway, with my good friend and former colleague, Norwegian teacher Dag Virik. We recorded the whole series tonight and will be releasing it in a couple of weeks’ time, so if you’re interested in picking up a “litt norsk”, (a little Norwegian) then we’ll