Tune for Tuesday

Tune for Tuesday

TFT: Le blues du businessman

Salut ! This week’s Tune for Tuesday comes from Céline Dion, from French-speaking Quebec in Canada. Although well-known for her hits in English, she mainly sings in French. Her cover of Le blues du businessman, originally performed by Claude Dubois in 1978, was a major hit throughout French-speaking Canada and France, and still is today.

Tune for Tuesday

TFT: 99 Luftballons

Hallo alle zusammen! This week’s Tune for Tuesday comes from German band Nena, who were together between 1981 and 1987. The band is very important to German musical culture, as it was part of the forming of the German New Wave scene (Neue Deutsche Welle). In 1984 their song 99 Luftballons was a huge international

Tune for Tuesday

TFT: En el muelle de San Blás

¡Feliz martes a todos! Have you heard of Maná? They are a Mexican pop rock group formed in 1986, whose name comes from the Polynesian term for supernatural energy! They have won 4 Grammy Awards and are extremely popular throughout Latin America and further afield. This week’s Tune for Tuesday is their song En el


TFT: La Mer

Bonjour ! ¡Hola! Hallo! Ciao! This Friday 21st June is la Fête de la Musique – a celebration of music throughout France. To join in the festivities, we’re launching a new Coffee Break feature – ‘Tune for Tuesday’! Every week our team will select and share a song with you to introduce you to some new