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Radio Lingua introduces One Minute Luxembourgish

We’re delighted to announce the latest addition to our One Minute Languages range, One Minute Luxembourgish. Luxembourgish is one of three national languages in Luxembourg and is very close to German but has heavy French influences both in certain aspects of vocabulary and in pronunciation. One Minute Luxembourgish was, in fact, the very first of our OML courses to be

Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit! St Patrick’s day sale in the store

Happy St Patrick’s day from the Radio Lingua Network. In addition to launching our brand new One Minute Norwegian podcast today we also have a special recording from Eoin of One Minute Irish fame (currently#1 Education podcast in Ireland!) which will teach you how to say “Happy St Patrick’s day” in Irish! And if a pint of Guiness isn’t your

One Minute Norwegian launches

We’re delighted to announce that the latest addition to our One Minute Languages range will be launched on Monday 17th March. Since we’ve already introduced One Minute Irish, we have decided to use St Patrick’s day to launch One Minute Norwegian. You can access the podcast online or subscribe already in iTunes. Like our other One Minute Languages courses, the

Coffee Break Spanish vs. Oprah on iTunes

The gloves are off! We’ve been watching the iTunes US podcast charts all week with great interest and despite moving into a higher position than the previous #1 This American Life from Chicago Public Radio, a new entry has suddenly climbed up to the top-spot: Oprah and Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” is an “exclusive online class” starting March 3rd.

Will Coffee Break Spanish be the #1 podcast in the US?

There is great excitement here at Radio Lingua as we discovered this morning that Coffee Break Spanish is currently the second most popular podcast in the US according to iTunes. That’s second most popular of all podcasts, not just Education, and at the last count I heard that means 120,000 podcasts. The question is: will we reach number 1? It’s

Radio Lingua supporting the Euroscola visit, reporting live from Strasbourg, France

Here are Radio Lingua we’re continuing to develop our range of services and for the past few months we’ve been supporting a number of projects within the education space in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. This week, Mark is in Strasbourg, France, working with a number of colleagues leading a student visit to the European Parliament. The students have

Holiday Sale in the Radio Lingua store

We are currently offering massive savings in the Radio Lingua store with 30% off all Season Passes including Coffee Break Spanish units 1-4, Coffee Break French unit 1 and My Daily Phrase Italian. This brings the cost for a single unit (10 lessons including pdf guides, enhanced podcasts and bonus listening material) down from £20.00 to £14.00. Simply use the

Our second “One Minute Languages” podcast launches

Following the success of our recently-launched One Minute Polish, we’ve added a second language to the series, this time Irish, or Gaeilge as it’s known in Ireland. Join teacher Eoin as he introduces the basics of Irish in ten weekly lessons of just a couple of minutes. Further languages will be made available after the holidays. Find out more at

New podcast launches: One Minute Polish

Do you have a minute to spare? If so, then you can pick up a new language with our new podcast. Learn Polish in minutes with One Minute Polish. Join teacher Ania as she introduces the basics of Polish in ten weekly lessons of just a couple of minutes. One Minute Polish marks the first in a new series of

Coffee Break French Launch video

Welcome to Coffee Break French! If you have trouble viewing the video, you can watch it on YouTube or download an iPod / Apple TV version.

Coffee Break Spanish picks up TMN Online Excellence Award

We’re delighted to find out today that Coffee Break Spanish has won one of The Morning News Editor’s Choice Awards for Online Excellence. Here’s what they said about us: We’ve been meaning to learn Spanish for años, but the problem with most audio language lessons is that, except for the parts in another language, the hosts’ monotone dialogue kicks in

Coffee Break Spanish hits the 1 million mark!

Our flagship podcast, Coffee Break Spanish, hit the 1 million mark for downloads of our podcasts and pdf guides today. Many thanks to all our listeners for your support! We’re delighted that so many of you are enjoying the podcast, and we hope you continue to listen as we move into a new programme of study.

Coffee Break Spanish merchandise now available!

Listeners can now purchase original Coffee Break Spanish merchandise in the Radio Lingua Store. Items include various ranges of t-shirts and other clothing featuring Spanish language slogans and the Coffee Break Spanish logo. We also have a range of gift items including the very useful Coffee Break Spanish clock which will help you to tell the time in Spanish.