Meet the team


Meet the Team: Pierre-Benoît

My name is Pierre-Benoît Hériaud and I feel very proud, privileged and honoured to say that I have been working with Radio Lingua since the very beginning! ☺ What is your role in Coffee Break? I have contributed to and helped with creating, producing and recording material for all 4 seasons of Coffee Break French. I am currently working with


Meet the team: Julia

Guten Tag! My name is Julia and I’m part of the Coffee Break German team where I work as the Cultural Correspondent. While spending a year abroad in Scotland and working as a Foreign Language assistant I met Mark in 2005 and started working with Radio Lingua in 2006 when I recorded material for One Minute German as well as A


Meet the Team: Marina

¡Hola! My name is Marina and I started working with Radio Lingua in March 2015 while I was working in Glasgow as a Language Assistant. I first studied Spanish Philology at university and then went on to do a Masters in Secondary Education. After that, I did another Masters in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. I have been working


Meet the Team: Géraldine

My name is Géraldine and I am part of the Coffee Break French crew for Radio Lingua. I have been working with the team since October 2013 when I was living in Glasgow. Initially, I started recording for Coffee Break French Season 4 and since then I’ve had the chance to work on many more projects with Coffee Break French!


Meet the Team: Francesca

Ciao, I’m Francesca and, as you can guess, I’m Italian! I’m a teacher of Italian as foreign language and I have been in this profession for over a decade. I joined Radio Lingua in 2014 when I witnessed the birth of Coffee Break Italian! I assisted Mark in the production of Season 1 and at the moment I’m contributing to


Meet the team: Flora

Hello! My name’s Flora, and I’m Radio Lingua’s Digital Communications and Content Executive. I’ve been working with Radio Lingua since October 2016, when I started as an intern during my final year of university. I studied French and Spanish at the University of Glasgow, and started working full-time for Radio Lingua when I graduated. What is your role in Coffee


Meet the Team: Crystal

My name is Crystal and I work with Mark to develop and record Coffee Break Chinese. I graduated with a Bachelor degree of English and International Business from Shanghai International Studies University in China and later on an MBA from Nottingham Business School in the UK. In my early career, I worked in a variety of companies in China including


Meet the team: Andrea

My name is Andrea and it’s my job to teach Mark German in the second series of Coffee Break German. I knew about Coffee Break for a few years before I joined the Radio Lingua team in 2016. I am a qualified language teacher, translator and interpreter, but I started out in a completely different career when I did a


Meet the team: Kristina

My name’s Kristina and I’m Radio Lingua’s Business Development and Content Executive. I first started working with Radio Lingua as an intern in October 2016, during my final year of university. After graduating in June 2017, with a Masters in International Business and Modern Languages, I started working full time in our Glasgow office. What is your role in Coffee