Coffee Break German

Coffee Break German Update

We recently announced our forthcoming flagship German course, Coffee Break German and we are delighted to provide an update for you. Coffee Break German will launch on Wednesday 23rd January and in weekly episodes you can join the team and learn German in a structured way, building your language skills gradually with our lessons. Coffee Break French and Spanish teacher

European Podcast Award Nominations

We’re delighted to report that both Coffee Break French and Coffee Break Spanish have been nominated in the European Podcast Awards in the Professional Podcast category. The voting period lasts until January and we’d like to ask our community of language learners around the world to cast their vote for our podcasts. Vote for Coffee Break Spanish here Vote for

Announcing Coffee Break German

Bist du fertig? Lass uns anfangen! We’re delighted to introduce to the world a new member of the Coffee Break Languages family: Coffee Break German will launch in January 2013. Since 2006, Coffee Break Spanish and French lessons have been downloaded over 100 million times and we hope that Coffee Break German will be equally as popular among German learners