7 Reasons Why Learning Norwegian is Kjempefint!

Each year, the 17th May marks a very important date in the Norwegian calendar. With marvellous parades and celebrations, Norwegian Constitution Day, known as Nasjonaldagen (National Day), Grunnlovsdagen (Constitution Day) or simply Syttende Mai (17th May), is celebrated in good spirit, and in style.  So, here at Coffee Break Languages we thought that there was no better time than today


¡Qué padre! 6 differences between Mexican Spanish and ‘Spanish Spanish’

We all know the feeling… Just when you think you’re starting to get the hang of Spanish, you discover that there are lots of different varieties spoken all around the world. Cue a brief sense of despair at the thought of having to learn every different form of Spanish, followed by the relief when you realise that this only makes


A Postcard for Language-learners from San Diego

You can’t always travel to the country where the language you’re learning is spoken, but whether you’re at home, or travelling in an English-speaking country, it’s still possible to be inspired in your language learning by what’s around you. In this video, Coffee Break host and teacher Mark sends a Coffee Break Postcard for Language Learners from the sunny city


Why every age is the right age to learn a language

It has been said that to be fluent in a second language, one should start learning by the age of 10. What do you think? To us here at Coffee Break Languages this presents 2 questions: How do you define “fluent”? And, is all learning started after this age pointless? Clearly, the answer to the 2nd question is no. And


Get your Ducks in a Row with these 10 Interesting International Idioms

If you’ve done as the title says and got your ducks in a row, then you will be more than prepared for the rest of this article! The English language is filled with innumerable intriguing idioms. Sometimes the only way to properly describe the weather is to say that it’s raining cats and dogs, and sometimes the only way to punish


How to say “Cheers” in Irish … and much more!

Here at Coffee Break Languages we want to help share our love of languages with a worldwide community of language learners, and that’s why we’re celebrating St Patrick’s Day by making our course in Irish Gaelic available for free on YouTube. In this course you’ll learn to introduce yourself, make conversation with other Irish speakers, and crucially learn to say

10 Italian words to make you fall more in love with Italian

10 words to make you fall more in love with Italian

Let’s face it. Everybody loves the sound of the Italian language. There is a charming “singsongy” aspect to it that is absolutely undeniable. How can we resist its postalveolar affricates, its dental fricatives and, most of all, its sensual “r’s”? That’s why we at Radio Lingua have decided to bring you 10 Italian words that sound great (and are really


Practice makes perfect: 1-on-1 lessons with italki

Since 2006 we’ve been providing language courses for learners around the world and we believe that Coffee Break provides the perfect solution for learners starting out with a language, or building their comprehension skills to take their learning further. Through Coffee Break French, German, Spanish, Italian and Chinese, you can build a solid understanding of the language and learn to


Introducing the Coffee Break Reading Club

Here at Coffee Break Languages, we’ve been very busy putting together a brand new course in response to the Coffee Break community’s requests for more reading content. We’re delighted to launch the Reading Club today in French, German, Italian and Spanish! The Coffee Break Reading Club has been designed to help intermediate learners build their vocabulary and comprehension skills, while


¡Es intraducible! Our 10 favourite untranslatable Spanish words

Have you ever learned a new word in a different language and wondered how on earth you would translate it into English? Have you then started to doubt your translation skills, thinking that you no longer even know your own language very well? Well… fear not! In every language there are words which are ‘untranslatable’, meaning that they cannot be


5 reasons why learning Hungarian is “csodálatos” (wonderful!)

Hungarian is spoken by roughly 14 million people in eastern Europe. It’s the official language, of course, in Hungary, and it’s also spoken in parts of Romania, Slovakia and other bordering countries. Some people find Hungarian difficult to learn, but as even just a little language can go a long way, we’ll show you why you’ll instantly fall in love


31 ways to make January your best language-learning month ever!

There are only a few hours left before we begin a new year, and it’s the best possible time to make a resolution to challenge yourself to become a better language learner next year. And this doesn’t necessarily mean hours and hours of study every day! At Coffee Break Languages, we champion the idea of making your down-time your do-time:


8 ‘Digestable’ Spanish Idioms for your delectation

It’s said that in order to find out more about the culture of a country, one need look no further than the language, or languages, spoken by the people who live there. To prove this theory, let’s take the example of the United Kingdom, where two of the most well-known idioms are ‘it’s not my cup of tea’ and ‘it’s


7 tips to help you learn a language from scratch

Have you ever dreamed of learning a language but never had the opportunity? Perhaps your last language-learning experience was a very long time ago but you’ve always wanted to reignite your love of languages. Knowing where to start and how to study in order to achieve your language-learning goals can often seem like an insurmountable challenge. With this in mind,

Coffee Break News

One Minute Languages on the New Academy

The Coffee Break Academy goes live today as we’ve already moved all our One Minute courses over to the new system. This means that you can learn any one of 26 languages with our “espresso shots”. From Arabic to Zulu, choose your language, and enjoy our high quality video versions and lesson notes in these ten-lesson introductions to the language.

Coffee Break French

Coffee Break French Live – 19 septembre 2016

Join us for Coffee Break French Live – Q&A with Mark and Pierre-Benoît Questions featured in this episode: When do you pronounce the ‘s’ at the end of the word plus? How do you know whether ‘ll’ is pronounced as an L or a Y sound? Can you give me some phrases to use when I’m not sure about my